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Course Details
Academic Year 2016/2017
School School of Design
Name (Master of Science degree)(ord. 270) - BV (1160) Product Design for Innovation
Track PR2 - PRODOTTO 2
Programme Year 1

Course Details
ID Code 050573
Course Type Mono-Disciplinary Course
Credits (CFU / ECTS) 6.0
Semester First Semester
Course Description The expression user studies has a broad meaning, including many possible theories, models and approaches. At a general level, user studies are investigations of some kind of human activity that is relevant and informative for the product, the service, the system; conducting a user research means to involve the actors in the domain of design interest in all or some phases of the design process and use the outcomes of this involvement as a basis for the design development. Doing user research usually implies two kinds of activity: capturing and understanding the experience of the users and formalizing this knowledge to make it sharable and usable throughout the design process. User research refers to a process of understanding a design context in order to inform design directions both generatively and evaluatively. User studies are employed not only to understand, credibly explain and perhaps predict human behaviour in the pre-design, but also to measure how people perceive, understand and learn in design evaluation process. Many methods employed in user research have their roots in cultural anthropology, social behavioural sciences, psychology and ethnography, some have been adapted from marketing, while others have been developed specifically for user research and usability approaches. The course "User Studies for product design" is intended to render the state-of-art of user studies and their multidisciplinarity, together with their strategical relevance for product design.
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