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Course Details
Academic Year 2016/2017
School School of Industrial and Information Engineering
Name (Bachelor of Science degree)(ord. 270) - BV (394) Management and Production Engineering
Track GND - Non Diversificato
Programme Year 2

Course Details
ID Code 072398
Course Title ECONOMICS
Course Type Mono-Disciplinary Course
Credits (CFU / ECTS) 10.0
Semester Second Semester
Course Description The economic system 1. The structure of the economy and elements of national income accountingMicroeconomics2. The theory of consumer behavior 3. Demand analisys 4. Intertemporal choise and uncertainty 5. The theory of the firm 6. Cost curves 7. Perfect Competition 8. Monopoly 9. Monopolistic Competition 10. Duopoly and Oligopoly 11. Strategig behaviour and game theory 12. Competitive General EquilibriumMacroeconomics13. The Aggregate Keynesian Model and The Theory of Effective Demand 14. Income and Spending 15. Money and interest 16. Effects of fiscal and monetary policies in the IS-LM model 17. Money supply and the Central Bank 18. International linkages: the Mundell-Fleming model
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--ACJFelice Giulia
--CJHTajoli Lucia
--HPOFlorio Anna Paola
--POZZZZMariotti Sergio Giovanni
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