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Course Details
Academic Year 2015/2016
School School of Industrial and Information Engineering
Name (Master of Science degree)(ord. 270) - MI (486) Engineering Physics
Track F2A - Photonics and Nano Optics
Programme Year 2

Course Details
ID Code 096620
Course Title PHOTONICS II [C.I.]
Course Type Integrated Course
Credits (CFU / ECTS) 10.0
Semester First Semester
Course Description PROPERTIES OF ULTRASHORT LIGHT PULSES: introduction to ultrafast optics; linear manipulation of ultrashort pulses; nonlinear optics with ultrashort pulses; ultrashort pulse characterization techniques GENERATION OF ULTRASHORT LIGHT PULSES: mode-locked lasers; ultrafast laser amplifiers; optical parametric amplifiers; carrier-envelope phase and frequency combs; high harmonic generation and attosecond pulses APPLICATIONS OF ULTRASHORT LIGHT PULSES: time-resolved spectroscopy: pump-probe and four-wave mixing; ultrafast processes in metals and semiconductors; femtochemistry and femtobiology; nonlinear microscopy; micro/nanostructuring with ultrashort light pulses NANOSCOPY: Spatial resolution in classical far-field microscopy; Breaking the diffraction limit by optical nanoscopy: physical basis; Overview of main techniques (STED, RESOLF, PALM, STORM,...). OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY (OCT): Coherence properties of light; time-domain OCT; Fourier-domain OCT; Figures of merit (axial resolution, lateral resolution, S/N ratio); measurement techniques; applications. DIFFUSE OPTICAL TOMOGRAPHY: Photon migration in highly scattering media; time-domain techniques; frequency-domain techniques; theoretical models of photon migration; photon density waves; linear reconstructions; non-linear reconstructions; instruments and applications.
Scientific-Disciplinary Sector (SSD)
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--AZZZZ096619PHOTONICS II [2]Pifferi Antonio Giovanni5.01
096618PHOTONICS II [1]Cerullo Giulio Nicola Felice5.01
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