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Course Details
Academic Year 2016/2017
School School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering
Name (Bachelor of Science degree)(ord. 270) - MI (1094) Architectural Design
Track *** - Non diversificato
Programme Year 3

Course Details
ID Code 099527
Course Type Mono-Disciplinary Course
Credits (CFU / ECTS) 4.0
Semester Second Semester
Course Description The course provides knowledge to value buildings in accordance with their culture. Besides, the course forms ideas useful to develop procedures in planning stage. Consequently, criticism has not to be an end to itself but has to be functional in forming the consciousness in the development of design needs. Such attitude is considered extremely necessary today, after a decennial phase of fashions vanishing the heritage of modern experience. Therefore, a high level in architectural knowledge is required to the student to develop a critical approach. That has to be drawn by several documentation, as many contributions are necessary for a comparative interpretation of the events. Modern architecture is the main reference for its being an unitary cultural cycle in spite of the variety that became the reason of its meaningful richness. Another remarkable side is the methodological feature of many important examples. In-depth judgment of modern architecture is finally completed by the relationship with architectures in different times. It is then useful moving through architectural events in the centuries, getting out the permanent factors transcending their formal qualities. This way, the idea of an "eternal present" elaborated by the Modern Movement is the key to understand cultural contexts, refusing to be conditioned by the traditional division in styles and ages. Experience of architecture is really carried to natural length and functional changes. This makes actual the presence of the past in contemporary context according to new requests and becomes the reason to compare and overcome. Teaching methodology is developed though seminars and lectures as well as proofs in itinere implying specific researches to demonstrate the level achieved. Students work individually; small groups are allowed in accordance with particular requirements. Students' jobs are submitted to evaluations contributing to the final grade. The examination consists of a discussion about students' jobs and the final work given by the teacher, that may be a research or a project.
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