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Course Details
Academic Year 2017/2018
School School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering
Name (Master of Science degree)(ord. 270) - MI (1017) Architecture - Building Architecture
Track *** - Non diversificato
Programme Year 2

Course Details
ID Code 083958
Course Type Mono-Disciplinary Course
Credits (CFU / ECTS) 4.0
Semester Second Semester
Course Description The history of civilization and the places they held forward the important role that culture of sport and leisure management Read has served to define the identity of people and communities. These areas who elect to share and enhance cultural heritage, analyzing the effects that such a scenario expresses the transformation of the city and the territory, an action is conscious, which is necessary and ethically correct, within a vision that interprets the political act- decision-making as a cultural tool with high potential socio-economic status. The context of European architecture, performs processing and settlement of multi-purpose sports facilities, which have a decisive and strategic role in the configuration of cities and territory. In light of the amendments introduced by the evolution regulatory apparatus, the diffusion of new technologies and ever public-private participation mode, the sports facilities are multipurpose structures designed to accommodate, in addition to the sporting event, organized activities for the exchange of goods or services for commercial purposes and also translating the themes expressed by the control strategies and organization of the life cycle of the building construction industry. The activation of a process of training, and continuing, is, in this scenario, a strategic and fundamental act for the credibility and professionalism in a sector that strongly expressed the need to modernize and upgrade the technical staff, management and management that has historically characterized it. The course aims to promote awareness and promotion project aimed at promotion of sports, whether existing or to be programmed from scratch, interpreted as a cultural heritage of a civilization through the analysis of its inherent physical, intangible and figures suitable for the management of their design, construction and management. Contents: The territory as a competitive system - The strategic approach to the project - The project of the reticular complex infrastructure systems - History and development of the sports - the sports infrastructure: development tool for the promotion of the territory - The specificity of sport product : innovation, training and market - the sports facilities in Italy - The impact on the territory of a large sporting event - Sport and territory: opportunities, strategies and integrated solutions - large innovative projects: infrastructure, land and major events - The stages to Football: multifunctional complex structures - Models of sports facilities: stadiums, arenas, and other palzzetti - Trials under way: case studies - The stadium as a catalyst for urban development - a strategic platform for sport and entertainment. The Italian model - Testimonials - State of the art features and operational for the Future - The construction of an architecture for the sport - The management structure for the sport - Operational conclusions.
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