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Course Details
Academic Year 2018/2019
School School of Industrial and Information Engineering
Name (Bachelor of Science degree)(ord. 270) - MI (348) Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering
Track U1L - Materiali e Nanotecnologie
Programme Year 3

Course Details
ID Code 096224
Course Title COATINGS
Course Type Integrated Course
Credits (CFU / ECTS) 15.0
Semester Second Semester
Course Description Inorganic coatings An introduction to surface engineering: mechanical and chemical surface treatments, diffusion and overlay coatings. General overview of industrial applications. Classification of deposition technologies and introductory overview of their main characteristics. Electrochemical deposition: electrodeposition, electroless plating and immersion plating Current distribution in electrochemical cells (basic) and its relevance to electrodeposition processes. Throwing power and Wagner number; micro-throwing power. Pulse plating; alloy and composite electrodeposition; plating on plastics. Physical vapour deposition technologies. Thermal evaporation, sputtering and ion plating techniques. Reactive processes for the deposition of compounds (reactive sputtering and cathodic arc deposition processes) Decorative and engineering applications of PVD thin films and coatings. Thermal spray techniques: flame, spray, wire spray, plasma spray, high velocity oxygen fuel. Thermal barrier coatings for gas turbine and aero-engine parts Hot dip galvanizing: processes and applications of galvanizing and Zn-Al hot dip coatings Coatings microstructure. Nucleation and growth from the vapour phase; zone models for evaporated metal and oxide coatings; zone model for sputtered films and other high energy deposition technologies. Nucleation and growth in electrodeposition: the Fischer's classification of electrodeposits microstructure. Structure and defects of thermal spray coatings. Mechanical properties of thin films and coatings. Strengthening mechanisms. Instrumented indentation. Residual stresses. Organic coatings Argument 1. Structure of the coatings the industry: structure and economics. Sector analysis. Raw materials. Functions of coatings. Definitions of coatings components. Composition Argument 2. Components: resins, pigments solvents and additives. Polymerisation. Chemistry of functional group. Solubility. Pigments and dispersion. Theory of the dispersion. Additives types and functions. Use of additives. Argument 3. Applications. Film formation. Use of Liquids, powders, emulsions. Rheology concerns during the coatings life. Thermal treatments. Cross linking and mechanical characteristic of film. Argument 4. Instruments for the film characterisation. Analytical chromatography and spectroscopy. Argument 5 Colour and appearance. Evaluation and design.
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--AZZZZ096223INORGANIC COATINGSVicenzo Antonello7.02
096222ORGANIC COATINGSGronchi Paolo8.02
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