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Course Details
Academic Year 2019/2020
School School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering
Name (Bachelor of Science degree)(ord. 270) - MI (497) Building and Construction Engineering
Track IE1 - Curriculum - IEC
Programme Year 3

Course Details
ID Code 054399
Course Type Mono-Disciplinary Course
Credits (CFU / ECTS) 9.0
Semester First Semester
Course Description The course deals with the practice, basic design, integration and installation of the technical systems in new buildings, as well as in the refurbishment of existing ones. In the lab sessions, the students learn the practical use of the notions given in the lectures, developing simple design themes. The course deals with: - The integration of systems into the buildings: dimensioning of technical stations and spaces necessary to the horizontal and vertical distribution of plant networks and the installation of plant components . - Zero Energy Building design strategies. Exploitation of renewable energy sources in nearly zero energy buildings. Building Integrated photovoltaic systems (BIPV), solar thermal systems, systems for aerothermal, hydrothermal and geothermal energy exploitation, wind power systems. - Production, transport, distribution and use of electrical energy. Electrical system architecture: power circuits in residential buildings. TV, telephone and video plants. Lighting systems; LED and optical fiber lighting systems. Calculation of the lighting energy demand. Electrical and lighting system design. - Systems for the automation of functions and performance in buildings: BUS systems. Software and users interface. The main functions and performance automatically checked and controlled by BUS systems. "Safety" and "Security" systems. Burglar alarm system design. - Sanitary plumbing. Pneumatic water supply and pressure pump systems. Hot water production systems and integration with solar thermal systems. Sanitary plumbing design in residential buildings. - Waste water systems: foul water, grey water and rainwater. Treatment and reuse of rainwater and grey water. Waste water system design in residential buildings. - Methane gas distribution plant. Gas equipment and chimney flues. Methane gas plant design in residential buildings. - Independent and centralized heating systems. Heat supply stations. Methane gas heat generators. Heat pumps; geothermal, hydrothermal and aerothermal systems. Heating systems energy loss. Energy efficiency and control of a heating system. Radiant heating systems. Heating system design in residential buildings. - Mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Types, characteristics and components of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems. HVAC system design in residential buildings. - Traction, hydraulic and roomless elevators. The discussion of these topics aims to give students a solid theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as the ability to address and solve the main design issues on building services. Exams Evaluation of technical and laboratory reports. Oral presentation of the lab project. Written test on the course topics.
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