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Course Details
Academic Year 2019/2020
School School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering
Name (Bachelor of Science degree)(ord. 270) - MI (497) Building and Construction Engineering
Track IE1 - Curriculum - IEC
Programme Year 2

Course Details
ID Code 099580
Course Type Integrated Course
Credits (CFU / ECTS) 15.0
Semester Annual course
Course Description Statics The module provides students with the principles and the methods for the statics and kinematics of a rigid body and of a system of rigid bodies. The Principle of virtual power, embracing both statics and kinematics, is finally discussed. The contents of the module of Statics and the proposed methods find their natural development in the course of Strength of materials and in the subsequent courses. In detail, the contents of the course are the following: 1) Vectorial spaces, vectors, tensors. Scalar product, vectorial product, scalar triple (mixed) product and e applications. 2) Forces and systems of forces. Forces, moments, force causing a moment about a line. System of forces, equivalent systems of forces. Force decomposition in 2D and 3D. Reduction of a force and a couple system. Parallel force systems with non-zero resultant. Centroid. Centroid of a triangle, a circular cross-section, a circular arc. Centroid of composite figures. 3) Rigid motions. Kinematics of rigid body motion. Pure translational transformation. Pure rotational transformation about a fixed axis. General rigid body motion. Decomposing rigid transformation. Infinitesimal transformations. 4) Analytical kinematics. Infinitesimal motion. Scalar invariant and Mozzi axis. External and internal constrains in 2D and 3D. Relative kinematics. Kinematic analysis of unstable bodies. Kinematic analysis of systems of bodies in 3D. 5) Statics of rigid bodies. Equilibrium equations for a rigid body. Analysis of a two-force member. Equilibrium equations for a system of rigid bodies. 6) Principle of virtual power. Theorem (principle) of virtual power for a rigid body. Theorem (principle) of virtual power for a system of rigid bodies. Principle of virtual power and equilibrium equations. 7) 2D statically determined frameworks Degrees of freedom and constraints. Evaluation of the support reactions, internal actions Structural mechanics The module provides students with the principles and the methods for the evaluation of the structural safety of systems of elastic plane beams systems under static loads. The criterion is the limit state one (ultimate limit state and serviceability limit state). This requires the evaluation of the stress, strain and displacement field due to external loads and thermal gradients and supports un-elastic displacements and their comparison to the mechanical properties of materials and the functionality requirements. The developed methods find their natural development in the subsequent courses of reinforced concrete structures and geotechnics. In detail, the contents of the course are the following: 1. Beams systems: degrees of freedom and constraints, statically determined and statically undetermined beams systems and special cases. 2. Statically determined beams systems: evaluation of the support reactions, internal actions; truss-like structures. 3. Statics of deformable body: stress and strain state, equilibrium and compatibility conditions; stress-strain relationships. 4. De Saint Venant's problem: axial load, bending, torsion, composite bending and their combinations. 5. De Saint Venant's postulate and its implications in practical applications. 6. Calculus of displacement: the elastic line for beams in bending and the principle of virtual work. 7. Statically undetermined beams systems: evaluation of support reactions and the influence of un-elastic displacements and thermal gradients. 8. Structural safety evaluation. 9. Stability of the elastic equilibrium.
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--AKA099581STATICAFava Giulia6.0A
099582SCIENZA DELLE COSTRUZIONIColombi Pierluigi9.0A
--KZZZZB099581STATICAFrangi Attilio Alberto6.0A
099582SCIENZA DELLE COSTRUZIONICremonesi Massimiliano9.0A
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