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Course Details
Academic Year 2019/2020
School School of Industrial and Information Engineering
Name (Bachelor of Science degree)(ord. 270) - PC (354) Mechanical Engineering
Track VA1 - Propedeutico
Programme Year 3

Course Details
ID Code 083503
Course Type Mono-Disciplinary Course
Credits (CFU / ECTS) 7.0
Semester First Semester
Course Description Continuum systems and properties of fluids; kinematics, continuity and momentum equations. Statics of fluids: the concept of pressure, pressure variation in compressible and incompressible fluids at rest; hydrostatic forces. Inviscid flow model: Euler's equation of motion, the Bernoulli equation, boundary conditions, energy and mechanical aspects, compressibility effects, flow rate and velocity measurements. Integral analysis: momentum equation, surface stresses induced by jets. Steady state viscous flows: One-dimensional models; laminar and turbulent pipe flows and velocity distributions in pipes, hydraulic design of systems. Transient flows in pipes. Viscous fluids and Stokes' model: linear and angular motion and deformation; Navier-Stokes equation; energy considerations; elementary solutions of viscous incompressible flows: steady laminar flow between parallel plates and in cylindrical pipes; lubrication theory. Similitude, dimensional analysis and models: the theorem and significant dimensionless groups for fluid motion analysis. Models and similitude. Flow around immersed bodies and fluid - structure interactions: general notation on external flows: lift and drag concepts. Laminar boundary layer: development on a plate; transition from laminar to turbulent boundary layer; turbulent boundary layer; pressure gradient effects and boundary layer separation.
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--AZZZZMessa Gianandrea Vittorio
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