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The credits shown next to this symbol indicate the part of the course CFUs provided with Innovative teaching.
These CFUs include:
  • Subject taught jointly with companies or organizations
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  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)
  • Soft Skills
Course Details
Academic Year 2019/2020
School School of Industrial and Information Engineering
Name (Master of Science degree)(ord. 270) - BV (479) Management Engineering
Track AM - INDUSTRY 4.0
Programme Year 2

Course Details
ID Code 098449
Course Type Integrated Course
Credits (CFU / ECTS) 6.0
Course Description The course will address the following subjects: Theoretical background The integration of models belonging to semiotics to understand how to build up or decode a brand identity through the values it represents and how they are perceived and interpreted by final users. Brand & design management From brand identity to brand expressions: translating brand DNA into visual and stylistic codes and managing their different expressions into products, services and communication. Brand portfolio management: managing different brands reaching different target markets properly managing brand DNA codes not overlapping product/service portfolios. Product portfolio management: planning and managing products portfolios to balance carryovers and research-oriented products, enhancing markets potential while efficiently planning categories' in depth and range. Process planning: planning brand & product management phases and timing and integrating them with parallel processes (ex. communication and retailing) Communication design & management From brand management to communication management: translating brand DNA into visual and communication codes. Communication design development: translating visual codes into different artefacts for different media (analogic VS digital) Communication management and media planning: planning and managing communication strategies to enhancing market potential reaching proper users and facing different competitive scenarios through different media. Theoretical contents will be supported by case studies and will find an application in a field project assigned to students on a real brand.
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