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Academic YearSede
Programme YearTrackCampus: Lecco
Language: Italian
General informations 
School Ingegneria Civile, Ambientale e Territoriale http://www.ingcat.polimi.it
Dean of the School Alberto Taliercio
Degree level Laurea (Equivalent To Bachelor Of Science) - Ordinamento 270/04
Name Civil and Environmental Engineering (343) Campus Lecco
Years of the programme already activated 3 Official length of the programme 3
Class of degree L-7 - Civil and Environmental Engineering
Coordinator of the Study programme Monica Papini
Official language(s) Italian

1st Year
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2nd Year
Course inactive for the 2 programme year

3rd Year
Courses offered by the track AM3 Ambientale
Courses offered by the track CV3 Civile
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