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Class schedule planning
With this function you can construct your weekly calendar of lessons, which is customized on the basis of the courses that you intend to follow.
Warning: the personal schedule does not replace the presentation of the study plan! It's an informal tool that can help you better manage the organization of class attendance before the study plan presentation.
After the study plan presentation we recommend you to use the Lecture timetable service in your Online Services.

To create your customized schedule follow these instructions:
  1. Please enter your last name followed by the name in order to determ which alphabetic grouping your professors belong to to. If you just enter the last name, the alphabetic grouping may not be determined correctly.

  2. To add or remove courses from your personal schedule, use the small icons which are found next to the courses:
    • addition of the course
    • removal of the course
    • selection of the section of the Laboratory of Architecture
      (Note: the effective area in which the teaching will be carried out will be determined after the presentation of the Study Plans)
  3. The sidebar on the left displays the number of lessons included in schedule.
    There are also these commands:
    • View the schedule: allows the viewing of the weekly synoptic schedule
    • Delete the schedule: cancels the selections made
When you have finished the entry, you can print the calendar you have made.
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