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Le informazioni sulla didattica, sulla ricerca e sui compiti istituzionali riportate in questa pagina sono certificate dall'Ateneo; ulteriori informazioni, redatte a cura del docente, sono disponibili sulla pagina web personale e nel curriculum vitae indicati nella scheda.
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DocenteBarbieri Riccardo
QualificaProfessore associato a tempo pieno
Dipartimento d'afferenzaDipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria
Settore Scientifico DisciplinareING-INF/06 - Bioingegneria Elettronica E Informatica
Curriculum VitaeScarica il CV (177.18Kb - 04/12/2019)

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Fonte dati: RE.PUBLIC@POLIMI - Research Publications at Politecnico di Milano

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2020 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Articoli su riviste
Assessing Autonomic Function from Electrodermal Activity and Heart Rate Variability During Cold-Pressor Test and Emotional Challenge (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2019 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Contributo in Atti di convegno
A Point Process Framework for the Characterization of Sleep States in Early Infancy (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
Central modulation of parasympathetic outflow is impaired in de novo Parkinson’s disease patients (Mostra >>)
The influence of respiration on brainstem and cardiovagal response to auricular vagus nerve stimulation: A multimodal ultrahigh-field (7T) fMRI study (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2018 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Contributo in Atti di convegno
ECG-Derived Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Activity in the Healthy: An Early Lower-Body Negative Pressure Study Using Adaptive Kalman Prediction (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
Analysis of instantaneous linear, nonlinear and complex cardio - Vascular dynamics from videophotoplethysmography (Mostra >>)
EEG indices correlate with sustained attention performance in patients affected by diffuse axonal injury (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2017 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Contributi su volumi (Capitolo o Saggio)
Applications of heartbeat complexity analysis to depression and bipolar disorder (Mostra >>)
Complexity and nonlinearity in cardiovascular signals (Mostra >>)
Introduction to complex cardiovascular physiology (Mostra >>)
Time-varying cardiovascular complexity with focus on entropy and lyapunov exponents (Mostra >>)
Contributo in Atti di convegno
Assessment of instantaneous cardiovascular dynamics from video plethysmography (Mostra >>)
Causal brain-heart information transfer during visual emotional elicitation in healthy subjects: Preliminary evaluations and future perspectives (Mostra >>)
E-Health solutions for better care: Characterization of health apps to extract meaningful information and support users' choices (Mostra >>)
Estimating directed brain-brain and brain-heart connectivity through globally conditioned Granger causality approaches (Mostra >>)
Multiscale properties of instantaneous parasympathetic activity in severe congestive heart failure: A survivor vs non-survivor study (Mostra >>)
Respiratory-gated Auricular Vagal Afferent Nerve Stimulation (RAVANS) effects on autonomic outflow in hypertension (Mostra >>)
Resting-state brain correlates of cardiovascular complexity (Mostra >>)
Resting-state brain correlates of instantaneous autonomic outflow (Mostra >>)
Validation of instantaneous bispectral high-frequency power of heartbeat dynamics as a marker of cardiac vagal activity (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
Complexity Variability Assessment of Nonlinear Time-Varying Cardiovascular Control (Mostra >>)
EEG Analysis during Active and Assisted Repetitive Movements: Evidence for Differences in Neural Engagement (Mostra >>)
Instantaneous Transfer Entropy for the Study of Cardiovascular and Cardio-Respiratory Nonstationary Dynamics (Mostra >>)
Modulation of brainstem activity and connectivity by respiratory-gated auricular vagal afferent nerve stimulation in migraine patients (Mostra >>)
Motion sickness increases functional connectivity between visual motion and nausea-associated brain regions (Mostra >>)
Patient-Specific Classification of ICU Sedation Levels from Heart Rate Variability (Mostra >>)
Predicting Bradycardia in Preterm Infants Using Point Process Analysis of Heart Rate (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2016 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Recensioni su riviste
Uncovering brain-heart information through advanced signal and image processing (Mostra >>)
Contributo in Atti di convegno
Brain-heart linear and nonlinear dynamics during visual emotional elicitation in healthy subjects (Mostra >>)
Disentanglement of sympathetic and parasympathetic activity by instantaneous analysis of human heartbeat dynamics (Mostra >>)
Improving heart rate estimation in preterm infants with bivariate point process analysis of heart rate and respiration (Mostra >>)
Predicting seizures in untreated temporal lobe epilepsy using point-process nonlinear models of heartbeat dynamics (Mostra >>)
Reconstructing multivariate causal structure between functional brain networks through a Laguerre-Volterra based Granger causality approach (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
Assessment of spontaneous cardiovascular oscillations in Parkinson's disease (Mostra >>)
Brain Circuitry Supporting Multi-Organ Autonomic Outflow in Response to Nausea (Mostra >>)
Inhomogeneous Point-Processes to Instantaneously Assess Affective Haptic Perception through Heartbeat Dynamics Information (Mostra >>)
Neuroimaging brainstem circuitry supporting cardiovagal response to pain: a combined heart rate variability/ultrahigh-field (7 T) functional magnetic resonance imaging study (Mostra >>)
Nonlinear Analysis of Pupillary Dynamics (Mostra >>)
Relationship between cardiac vagal activity and mood congruent memory bias in major depression (Mostra >>)
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