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Le informazioni sulla didattica, sulla ricerca e sui compiti istituzionali riportate in questa pagina sono certificate dall'Ateneo; ulteriori informazioni, redatte a cura del docente, sono disponibili sulla pagina web personale e nel curriculum vitae indicati nella scheda.
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Informazioni sul docente
DocenteKarimi Hamid Reza
QualificaProfessore associato a tempo pieno
Dipartimento d'afferenzaDipartimento di Meccanica
Settore Scientifico DisciplinareING-IND/13 - Meccanica Applicata Alle Macchine
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Fonte dati: RE.PUBLIC@POLIMI - Research Publications at Politecnico di Milano

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2017 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Articoli su riviste
Static output feedback control of nonhomogeneous Markovian jump systems with asynchronous time delays (Mostra >>)
Stochastic H∞ filtering for neural networks with leakage delay and mixed time-varying delays (Mostra >>)
EID estimator-based modified repetitive control for singular systems with time-varying delay (Mostra >>)
Actuator and sensor faults estimation based on proportional integral observer for TS fuzzy model (Mostra >>)
Quantized control for uncertain singular Markovian jump linear systems with general incomplete transition rates (Mostra >>)
Integrated design of hybrid interstory-interbuilding multi-actuation schemes for vibration control of adjacent buildings under seismic excitations (Mostra >>)
Robust H∞ control of uncertain stochastic Markovian jump systems with mixed time-varying delays (Mostra >>)
H∞ control of 2-D continuous Markovian jump delayed systems with partially unknown transition probabilities (Mostra >>)
Output Feedback Active Suspension Control with Higher Order Terminal Sliding Mode (Mostra >>)
Filtering of Discrete-Time Switched Neural Networks Ensuring Exponential Dissipative and $l₂$-$l∞$ Performances (Mostra >>)
Analysis and synthesis of control systems over wireless digital channels (Mostra >>)
Reliable Output Feedback Control of Discrete-Time Fuzzy Affine Systems with Actuator Faults (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2016 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Contributi su volumi (Capitolo o Saggio)
Novel results on decentralized H∞ controller design for structural vibration control of large buildings (Mostra >>)
Computational effectiveness of LMI design strategies for vibration control of large structures (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2015
Nessun prodotto attualmente registrato nell'anno 2015

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2014 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Articoli su riviste
A robust aerial image registration method using Gaussian mixture models (Mostra >>)
LogDet divergence-based metric learning with triplet constraints and its applications (Mostra >>)
Stability and l1-gain analysis for positive 2D T-S fuzzy state-delayed systems in the second FM model (Mostra >>)
Delay-dependent exponential stabilization of positive 2D switched state-delayed systems in the Roesser model (Mostra >>)
Asynchronous L1 control of delayed switched positive systems with mode-dependent average dwell time (Mostra >>)
Filtering design for two-dimensional Markovian jump systems with state-delays and deficient mode information (Mostra >>)
Finite-time boundedness for uncertain discrete neural networks with time-delays and Markovian jumps (Mostra >>)
Stability analysis and H (Mostra >>)
Observer-based finite-time fuzzy H∞ control for discrete-time systems with stochastic jumps and time-delays (Mostra >>)
Fault detection for continuous-time switched systems under asynchronous switching (Mostra >>)
Modelling and optimization of a passive structural control design for a spar-type floating wind turbine (Mostra >>)
Non-fragile H∞ control for switched stochastic delay systems with application to water quality process (Mostra >>)
Robust control of continuous-time systems with state-dependent uncertainties and its application to electronic circuits (Mostra >>)
Stabilization of positive switched systems with time-varying delays under asynchronous switching (Mostra >>)
Study on support vector machine-based fault detection in Tennessee Eastman process (Mostra >>)
Robust control allocation for spacecraft attitude stabilization under actuator faults and uncertainty (Mostra >>)
A novel research on rough clustering algorithm (Mostra >>)
Distributed multitarget probabilistic coverage control algorithm for wireless sensor networks (Mostra >>)
Adaptive Neural Stabilizing Controller for a Class of Mismatched Uncertain Nonlinear Systems by State and Output Feedback (Mostra >>)
The identification of convex function on riemannian manifold (Mostra >>)
Robust control of stochastic systems against bounded disturbances with application to flight control (Mostra >>)
Fault detection for wireless network control systems with stochastic uncertainties and time delays (Mostra >>)
The finding and dynamic detection of opinion leaders in social network (Mostra >>)
Vibration control of a semiactive vehicle suspension system based on extended state observer techniques (Mostra >>)
On integral input-to-state stability for a feedback interconnection of parameterised discrete-time systems (Mostra >>)
Model predictive control-based non-linear fault tolerant control for air-breathing hypersonic vehicles (Mostra >>)
Vibration analysis for bearing fault detection and classification using an intelligent filter (Mostra >>)
A mahalanobis hyperellipsoidal learning machine class incremental learning algorithm (Mostra >>)
Robust H∞ filtering for a class of complex networks with stochastic packet dropouts and time delays (Mostra >>)
ℋ∞ model reduction for continuous-time Markovian jump systems with incomplete statistics of mode information (Mostra >>)
Quantized state-feedback stabilization for delayed Markovian jump linear systems with generally incomplete transition rates (Mostra >>)
Robust model predictive control of networked control systems under input constraints and packet dropouts (Mostra >>)
An adaptive metamodel-based optimization approach for vehicle suspension system design (Mostra >>)
Robust control for autonomous spacecraft evacuation with model uncertainty and upper bound of performance with constraints (Mostra >>)
Deformation measurement of circular steel plates using projected fringes (Mostra >>)
Robust static output-feedback controller design against sensor failure for vehicle dynamics (Mostra >>)
Multilevel association rule mining for bridge resource management based on immune genetic algorithm (Mostra >>)
Fuzzy modeling and control for a class of inverted pendulum system (Mostra >>)
Collaborative development planning model of supporting product in platform innovation ecosystem (Mostra >>)
Mixed L-/L1 fault detection filter design for fuzzy positive linear systems with time-varying delays (Mostra >>)
Attitude stabilization control of a quadrotor UAV by using backstepping approach (Mostra >>)
Robust unknown input observer design for linear uncertain time delay systems with application to fault detection (Mostra >>)
Model reduction of fuzzy logic systems (Mostra >>)
Fault detection and diagnosis in process data using support vector machines (Mostra >>)
Finite-time control for attitude tracking maneuver of rigid satellite (Mostra >>)
Energy-efficient routing control algorithm in large-scale WSN for water environment monitoring with application to three gorges reservoir area (Mostra >>)
Robust adaptive neural backstepping control for a class of nonlinear systems with dynamic uncertainties (Mostra >>)
Data-driven design of robust fault detection system for wind turbines (Mostra >>)
Robust H∞ filtering for networked control systems with markovian jumps and packet dropouts (Mostra >>)
Output-feedback-based H∞ control for vehicle suspension systems with control delay (Mostra >>)
New strategy for analog circuit performance evaluation under disturbance and fault value (Mostra >>)
Wind turbine pitch control and load mitigation using an l1 adaptive approach (Mostra >>)
Finite-time distributed energy-to-peak control for uncertain multiagent systems (Mostra >>)
Robust redundant input reliable tracking control for omnidirectional rehabilitative training walker (Mostra >>)
Robust stabilisation of 2D state-delayed stochastic systems with randomly occurring uncertainties and nonlinearities (Mostra >>)
Optimal design of complex passive-damping systems for vibration control of large structures: An energy-to-peak approach (Mostra >>)
General output feedback stabilization for fractional order systems: An LMI approach (Mostra >>)
Input-output finite-time stability of discrete-time impulsive switched linear systems with state delays (Mostra >>)
An analytical tire model with flexible carcass for combined slips (Mostra >>)
Design of unknown inputs proportional integral observers for TS fuzzy models (Mostra >>)
A novel mathematical formula for retrieval algorithm (Mostra >>)
Linear parameter-varying modelling and control of an offshore wind turbine with constrained information (Mostra >>)
Fuzzy sliding mode control design for a class of disturbed systems (Mostra >>)
Research of smart car's speed control based on the internal model control (Mostra >>)
Robust H ∞ sliding mode control with pole placement for a fluid power electrohydraulic actuator (EHA) system (Mostra >>)
Data-based modeling of vehicle crash using adaptive neural-fuzzy inference system (Mostra >>)
Edge detector design based on LS-SVR (Mostra >>)
Firefly optimization and mathematical modeling of a vehicle crash test based on single-mass (Mostra >>)
Fault detection for network control systems with multiple communication delays and stochastic missing measurements (Mostra >>)
Tracking mobile robot in indoor wireless sensor networks (Mostra >>)
Sampling based average classifier fusion (Mostra >>)
Observer-based robust control for spacecraft rendezvous with thrust saturation (Mostra >>)
Comments on 'finite-time H fuzzy control of nonlinear jump systems with time delays via dynamic observer-based state feedback' (Mostra >>)
Positive L1 observer design for positive Switched systems (Mostra >>)
Fault Detection for Wireless Networked Control Systems with Stochastic Switching Topology and Time Delay (Mostra >>)
Study on the characteristics of electromagnetic noise of axial flux permanent magnet synchronous motor (Mostra >>)
Residual generator-based controller design via process measurements (Mostra >>)
Finite-time H∞ control for switched systems with time-varying delay using delta operator approach (Mostra >>)
Global conservative and multipeakon conservative solutions for the modified camassa-holm system with coupling effects (Mostra >>)
A novel data-driven fault diagnosis algorithm using multivariate dynamic time warping measure (Mostra >>)
Vibration control for adjacent structures using local state information (Mostra >>)
Development of La3+ Doped CeOthick film humidity sensors (Mostra >>)
Finite-time stability analysis and stabilization for linear discrete-time system with time-varying delay (Mostra >>)
Multivariate methods based soft measurement for wine quality evaluation (Mostra >>)
Direct adaptive tracking control for a class of pure-feedback stochastic nonlinear systems based on fuzzy-approximation (Mostra >>)
A filtering algorithm for maneuvering target tracking based on smoothing spline fitting (Mostra >>)
Observation of a class of disturbance in time series expansion for fractional order systems (Mostra >>)
Effects of Salinity and Water Stress on Growth and Macro Nutrients Concentration of Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) (Mostra >>)
Novel stability criteria for T - S fuzzy systems (Mostra >>)
A new type of hydraulic cylinder system controlled by the new-type hydraulic transformer (Mostra >>)
Static output-feedback controller design for vehicle suspensions: An effective two-step computational approach (Mostra >>)
On stability and stabilization of singular uncertain Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems (Mostra >>)
New results on passivity analysis for uncertain neural networks with time-varying delay (Mostra >>)
Experimental study on antivibration control of electrical power steering systems (Mostra >>)
Robust finite-time fuzzy H∞ control for uncertain time-delay systems with stochastic jumps (Mostra >>)
Global stability of coupled Markovian switching reaction-diffusion systems on networks (Mostra >>)
Oil whip-induced wear in journal bearings (Mostra >>)
Mixed l-/l1 fault detection observer design for positive switched systems with time-varying delay via delta operator approach (Mostra >>)
On the global dissipative and multipeakon dissipative behavior of the two-component Camassa-Holm system (Mostra >>)
Transformation algorithm of dielectric response in time-frequency domain (Mostra >>)
Research on vocabulary sizes and codebook universality (Mostra >>)
A mixed 0-1 linear programming approach to the computation of all pure-strategy nash equilibria of a finite n -person game in normal form (Mostra >>)
Effects of surfactants on the performance of CeO2 humidity sensor (Mostra >>)
Stability in mean of partial variables for coupled stochastic reaction-diffusion systems on networks: A graph approach (Mostra >>)
Robust decentralized adaptive neural control for a class of nonaffine nonlinear large-scale systems with unknown dead zones (Mostra >>)
Macroscopic expressions of molecular adiabatic compressibility of methyl and ethyl caprate under high pressure and high temperature (Mostra >>)
Active disturbance rejection station-keeping control of unstable orbits around collinear Libration points (Mostra >>)
Robust production planning in fashion apparel industry under demand uncertainty via conditional value at risk (Mostra >>)
Feasibility issues in static output-feedback controller design with application to structural vibration control (Mostra >>)
A parameter-dependent approach to observer-based H ∞ control for networked control LPV systems (Mostra >>)
Investigation of vehicle crash modeling techniques: Theory and application (Mostra >>)
State estimation for wireless network control system with stochastic uncertainty and time delay based on sliding mode observer (Mostra >>)
Recent advances in static output-feedback controller design with applications to vibration control of large structures (Mostra >>)
Robust reliable passive control of uncertain stochastic switched time-delay systems (Mostra >>)
A fast Logdet divergence based metric learning algorithm for large data sets classification (Mostra >>)
Research on amplifier performance evaluation based on δ -support vector regression (Mostra >>)
Novel iris biometric watermarking based on singular value decomposition and discrete cosine transform (Mostra >>)
A simplified predictive control of constrained Markov jump system with mixed uncertainties (Mostra >>)
Design of a TFT-LCD based digital automobile instrument (Mostra >>)
New results on ℋ∞ dynamic output feedback control for Markovian jump systems with time-varying delay and defective mode information (Mostra >>)
Robust sampled-data H∞ control for vibration mitigation of offshore platforms with missing measurements (Mostra >>)
A partial robust M-regression-based prediction and fault detection method (Mostra >>)
Identification of lti time-delay systems with missing output data using GEM algorithm (Mostra >>)
Adaptive output feedback neural network control of uncertain non-affine systems with unknown control direction (Mostra >>)
Exploring the best classification from average feature combination (Mostra >>)
Finite-time l1-gain control for positive switched systems with time-varying delay via delta operator approach (Mostra >>)
Information sharing and channel construction of supply chain under asymmetric demand information (Mostra >>)
Metric learning method aided data-driven design of fault detection systems (Mostra >>)
A structured filter for Markovian switching systems (Mostra >>)
Finite-Time control and estimation for complex and practical dynamical systems (Mostra >>)
Recent advances in complex networks theories with applications (Mostra >>)
Advanced control and optimization with applications to complex automotive systems (Mostra >>)
Mathematical control of complex systems 2013 (Mostra >>)
Switched dynamics with its applications (Mostra >>)
Mathematical modeling, analysis, and advanced control of complex dynamical systems (Mostra >>)
Recent advances on mathematical modeling and control methods for complex vehicle systems (Mostra >>)
Editorial: Fault detection, isolation, and tolerant control of vehicles using soft computing methods (Mostra >>)
Vibration control systems (Mostra >>)
Active Vibration Control in Mechanical Systems (Mostra >>)
Advanced stochastic control systems with engineering applications (Mostra >>)
Contributo in Atti di convegno
A subspace based fault diagnose method and its application on mechatronics systems (Mostra >>)
Impulsive control on the synchronization for a class of chaotic Systems (Mostra >>)
Model predictive control for drum water level of boiler systems (Mostra >>)
Integral input-to-state stability for interconnected discrete-time systems (Mostra >>)
Fuzzy predictive controller design using ant colony optimization algorithm (Mostra >>)
Faults diagnosis based on proportional integral observer for TS fuzzy model with unmeasurable premise variable (Mostra >>)
Positive l1 observer design for positive switched systems with time-varying delays via delta operator approach (Mostra >>)
Gain scheduling H2/H structural control of a floating wind turbine (Mostra >>)
Robust Predictive Control of a variable speed wind turbine using the LMI formalism (Mostra >>)
Approximation-based adaptive tracking control of stochastic nonlinear systems with a general form (Mostra >>)
Memory H control for continuous-time Markovian jump systems with time-varying delay and defective mode information (Mostra >>)
Robust H filtering for stochastic networked control systems (Mostra >>)
Convergence analysis of cubature Kalman filter (Mostra >>)
Robust fault detection for switched systems with time-varying delay using delta operator approach (Mostra >>)
Design on fuzzy control for a class of stochastic nonlinear systems (Mostra >>)
Design of a robust H∞ repetitive control system with time-delay (Mostra >>)
Stabilization and lx -gain analysis of switched positive systems with actuator saturation (Mostra >>)
D-stability for discrete-time t-s fuzzy descriptor systems with multiple delays (Mostra >>)
Robust fault detection design for unknown inputs Takagi-Sugeno models with parametric uncertainties and time-varying delays (Mostra >>)
Fault diagnosis of induction motors broken rotor bars by pattern recognition based on noise cancelation (Mostra >>)
Broken rotor bars detection via Park's vector approach based on ANFIS (Mostra >>)
On the stability analysis for impulsive switching system with time-varying delay (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2013 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Articoli su riviste
A robust fault detection design for uncertain Takagi-Sugeno models with unknown inputs and time-varying delays (Mostra >>)
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