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Le informazioni sulla didattica, sulla ricerca e sui compiti istituzionali riportate in questa pagina sono certificate dall'Ateneo; ulteriori informazioni, redatte a cura del docente, sono disponibili sulla pagina web personale e nel curriculum vitae indicati nella scheda.
Informazioni sul docente
DocenteBianchi Anna Maria
QualificaProfessore ordinario a tempo pieno
Dipartimento d'afferenzaDipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria
Settore Scientifico DisciplinareING-INF/06 - Bioingegneria Elettronica E Informatica
Curriculum Vitae--

Orario di ricevimento
bioingegneria----VenerdìDalle 14:30
Alle 16:30
Pagina web redatta a cura del docente--

Fonte dati: RE.PUBLIC@POLIMI - Research Publications at Politecnico di Milano

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2021 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Articoli su riviste
An intra-operative feature-based classification of microelectrode recordings to support the subthalamic nucleus functional identification during deep brain stimulation surgery (Mostra >>)
Globus pallidus internus activity during simultaneous bilateral microelectrode recordings in status dystonicus (Mostra >>)
Heart rate variability analysis for the identification of the preictal interval in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2020 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Abstract in Atti di convegno
EEG monitoring during software development (Mostra >>)
Contributo in Atti di convegno
ARTE Project: EEG Analysis During Robotic Rehabilitation (Mostra >>)
Central Alpha Bicoherence Is Reduced in Photosensitive Subjects (Mostra >>)
Characterization of Microelectrode Recordings for the Subthalamic Nucleus identification in Parkinson’s disease (Mostra >>)
Efficacy of time- and frequency-domain heart rate variability features in stress detection and their relation with coping strategies (Mostra >>)
Exploration of the physiological response to an online gambling task by frequency domain analysis of the electrodermal activity (Mostra >>)
Physiological responses related to pleasant and unpleasant sounds (Mostra >>)
Preprocessing Pipeline for fNIRS Data in Children (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
Bicoherence Interpretation in EEG Requires Signal to Noise Ratio Quantification: An Application to Sensorimotor Rhythms (Mostra >>)
Consumers Emotional Responses to Functional and Hedonic Products: A Neuroscience Research (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2019 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Contributo in Atti di convegno
Heart Rate Variability from Wearables: A Comparative Analysis Among Standard ECG, a Smart Shirt and a Wristband (Mostra >>)
Investigating the optimal baseline positioning to maximize cognitive experimental outcome (Mostra >>)
Optimization of the Cortical Traveling Wave Analysis framework for feasibility in Stereo-Electroencephalography (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
Higher order spectral analysis of scalp EEG activity reveals non-linear behavior during rhythmic visual stimulation (Mostra >>)
Multiscale Functional Clustering Reveals Frequency Dependent Brain Organization in Type II Focal Cortical Dysplasia with Sleep Hypermotor Epilepsy (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2018 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Contributo in Atti di convegno
A Clinical Interpretable Approach Applied to Cardiovascular Risk Assessment (Mostra >>)
Exploration of Web-Sites Affects Autonomic Responses Related to Unconscious Emotions (Mostra >>)
Higher-order spectral analysis of pattern-induced brain rhythms synchronization (Mostra >>)
Integrated IoT intelligent system for the automatic detection of cardiac variability (Mostra >>)
Towards the development of physiological models for emotions evaluation∗ (Mostra >>)
Validating an Algorithm for Automatic Scoring of Inspiratory Flow Limitation Within a Range of Recording Settings (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
EEG indices correlate with sustained attention performance in patients affected by diffuse axonal injury (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2017 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Contributi su volumi (Capitolo o Saggio)
E-Health. Medicina digitale (Mostra >>)
Contributo in Atti di convegno
Assessing consumer emotions toward new products: application of physiological and self-reported methods (Mostra >>)
EEG analysis of brain activity in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder during an attention task (Mostra >>)
Functional Clustering approach for the analysis of Stereo-EEG activity patterns in correspondence of epileptic seizures (Mostra >>)
Integrated data analysis for the quantification of emotional responses during video observation (Mostra >>)
Measuring autonomic involvement related to seizure onset in Focal Cortical Dysplasia type II (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
Detection of the Sleep Stages Throughout Non-Obtrusive Measures of Inter-Beat Fluctuations and Motion: Night and Day Sleep of Female Shift Workers (Mostra >>)
EEG Analysis during Active and Assisted Repetitive Movements: Evidence for Differences in Neural Engagement (Mostra >>)
The putative role of neuronal network synchronization as a potential biomarker for bipolar disorder: A review of EEG studies (Mostra >>)
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