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Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2024 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Articoli su riviste
A systematic approach for the adequacy analysis of a set of experimental databases: Application in the framework of the ATRIUM activity (Mostra >>)
Data Adequacy by an Extended Analytic Hierarchy Process for Inverse Uncertainty Quantification in Nuclear Safety Analysis (Mostra >>)
Ensemble of Artificial Neural Networks for Approximating the Survival Signature of Critical Infrastructures (Mostra >>)
Fault detection in complex mechatronic systems by a hierarchical graph convolution attention network based on causal paths (Mostra >>)
Probabilistic scenario analysis of integrated road-power infrastructures with hybrid fleets of EVs and ICVs (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2023 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Abstract in Atti di convegno
Digital Twin Modeling for Enhanced Operational Reliability: A Case Study on a Dredging Perception System (Mostra >>)
Contributi su volumi (Capitolo o Saggio)
Data-driven prognostics and health management (PHM) for predictive maintenance of industrial components and systems (Mostra >>)
Contributo in Atti di convegno
A General Data-Driven Framework for Remaining Useful Life Estimation with Uncertainty Quantification Using Split Conformal Prediction (Mostra >>)
A Method based on Natural Language Processing for Periodically Estimating Variations of Performance of Safety Barriers in Hydrocarbon Production Assets (Mostra >>)
An Importance Function to Generate Scenarios for Training a Grey-Box Model for the Computational Risk Assessment of Cyber-Physical Systems (Mostra >>)
Analysis of Road Transport Networks Travelled by both Internal Combustion and Electric Vehicles and Subject to Traffic Congestion due to Incident Scenarios (Mostra >>)
Cascades-Risk Informed Transmission Expansion Planning by Behavioural Cloning (Mostra >>)
Community Detection Algorithm for Natural Gas Pipeline Network Based on Transmission Characteristics (Mostra >>)
Development of a Repeatable and Objective Decision Model for the Human Error Probability Estimation According to the HEART Framework (Mostra >>)
Energy-Efficient Scheduling of Flexible Manufacturing Systems Based on Petri Net (Mostra >>)
Exploiting Explanations to Detect Misclassifications of Deep Learning Models in Power Grid Visual Inspection (Mostra >>)
Key Performance Indicators of Aging Safety Barriers in Oil and Gas Facilities (Mostra >>)
Optimization Method for an Improved Training of Physics Informed Neural Networks (Mostra >>)
Prediction of the Number of Defectives in a Production Batch of Semiconductor Devices (Mostra >>)
Probabilistic simulation model of resilience assessment of natural gas pipeline systems (Mostra >>)
Quantum Imprecise Bayesian Networks (QIBN) for Modelling Socio-Ecological-Technical Systems under Uncertainty (Mostra >>)
Reliability Analysis of Telecommunication Networks from Customer Damage Perspective: An Overview of Two Techniques (Mostra >>)
Study on the Application of Graph Theory Algorithms and Attack Graphs in Cybersecurity Assessment (Mostra >>)
Two formal methodologies of Model-Based Safety Assessment for Fault Tree Analysis (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
A Bootstrapped Modularised method of Global Sensitivity Analysis applied to Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment (Mostra >>)
A Data Augmentation Boosted Dual Informer Framework for the Performance Degradation Prediction of Aero-Engines (Mostra >>)
A Semisupervised Deep Hybrid Multitask Model for RUL Prediction (Mostra >>)
A graph neural network (GNN) method for assigning gas calorific values to natural gas pipeline networks (Mostra >>)
A multi-objective optimization model for identifying groups of critical elements in a high-speed train (Mostra >>)
A novel approach for remaining useful life prediction of high-reliability equipment based on long short-term memory and multi-head self-attention mechanism (Mostra >>)
A resilience evaluation method of natural gas pipeline system based on uncertainty analysis (Mostra >>)
A restoration-clustering-decomposition learning framework for aging-related failure rate estimation of distribution transformers (Mostra >>)
A sequential decision problem formulation and deep reinforcement learning solution of the optimization of O&M of cyber-physical energy systems (CPESs) for reliable and safe power production and supply (Mostra >>)
A systematic framework for the assessment of the reliability of energy supply in Integrated Energy Systems based on a quasi-steady-state model (Mostra >>)
A systematic method of remaining useful life estimation based on physics-informed graph neural networks with multisensor data (Mostra >>)
Adaptive transfer learning for multimode process monitoring and unsupervised anomaly detection in steam turbines (Mostra >>)
An Adaptive Sampling Framework for Life Cycle Degradation Monitoring (Mostra >>)
An integrated methodology for dynamic risk prediction of thermal runaway in lithium-ion batteries (Mostra >>)
Bi-objective optimization of the scheduling of risk-related resources for risk response (Mostra >>)
Conditional feature disentanglement learning for anomaly detection in machines operating under time-varying conditions (Mostra >>)
Data-driven optimal strategy for scheduling the hourly uncertain demand response in day-ahead markets (Mostra >>)
Deep Multiadversarial Conditional Domain Adaptation Networks for Fault Diagnostics of Industrial Equipment (Mostra >>)
Entropy-driven Monte Carlo simulation method for approximating the survival signature of complex infrastructures (Mostra >>)
Flexible operation and maintenance optimization of aging cyber-physical energy systems by deep reinforcement learning (Mostra >>)
Guest Editorial: Special Issue of ESREL2020 PSAM15 (Mostra >>)
Guest Editorial: Special Issue of ESREL2020 PSAM15 (Mostra >>)
Hybrid system response model for condition monitoring of bearings under time-varying operating conditions (Mostra >>)
Improving resilience of high-speed train by optimizing repair strategies (Mostra >>)
Insights in the safety analysis of an early microreactor design (Mostra >>)
Knowledge Transfer-Based Multifactorial Evolutionary Algorithm for Selective Maintenance Optimization of Multistate Complex Systems (Mostra >>)
Maintenance optimization in industry 4.0 (Mostra >>)
Multi-Fractal Weibull Adaptive Model for the Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Electric Vehicle Lithium Batteries (Mostra >>)
Multi-objective reliability and cost optimization of fuel cell vehicle system with fuzzy feasibility (Mostra >>)
Multi-objective two-stage stochastic unit commitment model for wind-integrated power systems: A compromise programming approach (Mostra >>)
Multi-task learning boosted predictions of the remaining useful life of aero-engines under scenarios of working-condition shift (Mostra >>)
Opportunistic maintenance policies for multi-machine production systems with quality and availability improvement (Mostra >>)
Optimal operation and maintenance of energy storage systems in grid-connected microgrids by deep reinforcement learning (Mostra >>)
Physics informed neural networks for surrogate modeling of accidental scenarios in nuclear power plants (Mostra >>)
Physics-Guided Generative Adversarial Networks for fault detection of underwater thruster (Mostra >>)
Quantum reliability analysis of a wireless telecommunication network (Mostra >>)
Reliability evaluation of the hybrid-redundancy sensor fault tolerate system in the dredging perception system (Mostra >>)
Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Lithium-Ion Battery Based on Adaptive Fractional Lévy Stable Motion with Capacity Regeneration and Random Fluctuation Phenomenon (Mostra >>)
Resilience of Natural Gas Pipeline System: A Review and Outlook (Mostra >>)
Robust multi-objective optimization of safety barriers performance parameters for NaTech scenarios risk assessment and management (Mostra >>)
Robust optimization of the design of monopropellant propulsion control systems using an advanced teaching-learning-based optimization method (Mostra >>)
Routing UAVs in landslides Monitoring: A neural network heuristic for team orienteering with mandatory visits (Mostra >>)
Seismic resilience assessment of Small Modular Reactors by a Three-loop Monte Carlo Simulation (Mostra >>)
Supply reliability-driven joint optimization of maintenance and spare parts inventory in a gas pipeline system (Mostra >>)
The Aramis Data Challenge to prognostics and health management methods for application in evolving environments (Mostra >>)
Vision-Based Defect Measurement of Drilled CFRP Composites Using Double-Light Imaging (Mostra >>)
Vulnerability analysis of demand-response with renewable energy integration in smart grids to cyber attacks and online detection methods (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2022 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Contributi su volumi (Capitolo o Saggio)
A Simulation-Based Framework for the Adequacy Assessment of Integrated Energy Systems Exposed to Climate Change (Mostra >>)
Fault Detection by Signal Reconstruction in Nuclear Power Plants (Mostra >>)
Optimal Management of the Flow of Parts for Gas Turbines Maintenance by Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Neural Networks (Mostra >>)
Contributo in Atti di convegno
A Grey-Box Digital Twin-based Approach for Risk Monitoring of Nuclear Power Plants (Mostra >>)
A Mathematical Framework for the Evaluation of System Expected Utility Not Satisfied Under Periodic Demand (Mostra >>)
A Methodological Framework for the Resilience Analysis of Road Transport Networks Exposed to Freezing Rain (Mostra >>)
A Methodology for the Dynamic Risk Assessment of Nuclear Batteries (Mostra >>)
A Physics-Informed Training Approach for Data-Driven Method in Remaining Useful Life Estimation (Mostra >>)
A Taxonomy for Modelling Reports of Process Safety Events in the Oil and Gas Industry (Mostra >>)
A Two-Stage Stochastic Unit Commitment Model for Wind-integrated Power Systems Flexibility Assessment (Mostra >>)
An Unsupervised Method for Anomaly Detection in Multi-Stage Production Systems Based on LSTM Autoencoders (Mostra >>)
Calculation of the Collapse Rating of Individual Pipe Joints for OCTG Casing and Tubing (Mostra >>)
Collaborative Kernel-based Nonlinear Degradation Modeling with Transfer Learning for Remaining Useful Life Prediction (Mostra >>)
Estimation of the Case Temperature of Insulated Gate Bipolar Temperatures in Induction Cooktops by Deep Neural Network (Mostra >>)
Estimation of the Lower Heating Value of Solid Recovered Fuel Based on Swir Hyper-Spectral Images and Machine Learning (Mostra >>)
Experimental Investigation of Failure Thresholds of Rolling Element Bearings (Mostra >>)
Grey-Box Models for Cyber-Physical Systems Reliability, Safety and Resilience Assessment (Mostra >>)
Identification of Features of Rare Risk Events in Oil Refineries Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) (Mostra >>)
Identification of Vulnerabilities in Integrated Power-Telecommunication Infrastructures; A Simulation-based Approach (Mostra >>)
Long Short-Term Memory ANNs for Fast Assessment of Injection Policies of Water-Flooding in Oil and Gas Reservoirs (Mostra >>)
Monitoring Degradation of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors in Induction Cooktops by Artificial Neural Networks (Mostra >>)
Optimization Workflow Using Deep Learning Based Forward Models For Waterflooded Oil Reservoirs (Mostra >>)
Prediction of the Remaining Useful Life of MOSFETs Used in Automotive Inverters by an Ensemble of Neural Networks (Mostra >>)
The explainable uncertainty in degradation process: a discovery from non-accelerated batteries degradation experiment (Mostra >>)
Vulnerability Assessment of Interdependent Infrastructures Based on a Cascading Failure Model (Mostra >>)
Wrapper Selection of Features for Fault Diagnostics of Truss Structures (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
A Bayesian Belief Network Model for the Risk Assessment and Management of Premature Screen-Out during Hydraulic Fracturing (Mostra >>)
A Bayesian belief network framework for nuclear power plant human reliability analysis accounting for dependencies among performance shaping factors (Mostra >>)
A Deep Branched Network for Failure Mode Diagnostics and Remaining Useful Life Prediction (Mostra >>)
A Deep Learning Feature Fusion Based Health Index Construction Method for Prognostics Using Multiobjective Optimization (Mostra >>)
A Fault Diagnosis Approach for Electromechanical Actuators with Simulating Model under Small Experimental Data Sample Condition (Mostra >>)
A Modeling and Analysis Framework for Integrated Energy Systems Exposed to Climate Change-Induced NaTech Accidental Scenarios (Mostra >>)
A Niching Augmented Evolutionary Algorithm for the Identification of Functional Dependencies in Complex Technical Infrastructures From Alarm Data (Mostra >>)
A Novel Metric to Evaluate the Association Rules for Identification of Functional Dependencies in Complex Technical Infrastructures (Mostra >>)
A Novel Nonlinear Dynamic Model for Predicting Contact Bounce of Electromagnetic Relays With Flexible Spring Components (Mostra >>)
A Siamese hybrid neural network framework for few-shot fault diagnosis of fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles (Mostra >>)
A clustering-based framework for searching vulnerabilities in the operation dynamics of Cyber-Physical Energy Systems (Mostra >>)
A deep reinforcement learning-based method for predictive management of demand response in natural gas pipeline networks (Mostra >>)
A dynamic event tree for a blowout accident in an oil deep-water well equipped with a managed pressure drilling condition monitoring and operation system (Mostra >>)
A framework based on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning for the classification of the severity of road accidents from reports (Mostra >>)
A framework for predicting the remaining useful life of machinery working under time-varying operational conditions (Mostra >>)
A framework of sensitivity analysis for the performance assessment of safety barriers impacted by NaTech accidents (Mostra >>)
A general model for life-cycle cost analysis of Condition-Based Maintenance enabled by PHM capabilities (Mostra >>)
A graph structure feature-based framework for the pattern recognition of the operational states of integrated energy systems (Mostra >>)
A heuristic features selection approach for scenario analysis in a regional seismic probabilistic tsunami hazard assessment (Mostra >>)
A hybrid method for prognostics of lithium-ion batteries capacity considering regeneration phenomena (Mostra >>)
A method for economic evaluation of predictive maintenance technologies by integrating system dynamics and evolutionary game modelling (Mostra >>)
A method for fault detection in multi-component systems based on sparse autoencoder-based deep neural networks (Mostra >>)
A methodology to perform dynamic risk assessment using system theory and modeling and simulation: Application to nuclear batteries (Mostra >>)
A new preventive maintenance strategy optimization model considering lifecycle safety (Mostra >>)
A novel reliability monitoring scheme based on the monitoring of manufacturing quality error rates (Mostra >>)
A novelty-based multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for identifying functional dependencies in complex technical infrastructures from alarm data (Mostra >>)
A reliability-centered methodology for identifying renovation actions for improving resilience against heat waves in power distribution grids (Mostra >>)
A systematic method for the optimization of gas supply reliability in natural gas pipeline network based on Bayesian networks and deep reinforcement learning (Mostra >>)
A two-stage estimation method based on Conceptors-aided unsupervised clustering and convolutional neural network classification for the estimation of the degradation level of industrial equipment (Mostra >>)
An Adaptive Generalized Cauchy Model for Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Wind Turbine Gearboxes with Long-Range Dependence (Mostra >>)
An Angle-Based Bi-Objective Optimization Algorithm for Redundancy Allocation in Presence of Interval Uncertainty (Mostra >>)
An advanced teaching-learning-based algorithm to solve unconstrained optimization problems (Mostra >>)
An iterative model of the generalized Cauchy process for predicting the remaining useful life of lithium-ion batteries (Mostra >>)
Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on Discriminant Analysis Using Multi-View Learning (Mostra >>)
Comparison of the HAZOP, FMEA, FRAM, and STPA Methods for the Hazard Analysis of Automatic Emergency Brake Systems (Mostra >>)
Condition-based Maintenance for Performance Degradation under Non-periodic Unreliable Inspections (Mostra >>)
Data-Driven Optimal Test Selection Design for Fault Detection and Isolation Based on CCVKL Method and PSO (Mostra >>)
Evolving Connectionist System and Hidden Semi-Markov Model for Learning-Based Tool Wear Monitoring and Remaining Useful Life Prediction (Mostra >>)
Finite Iterative Forecasting Model Based on Fractional Generalized Pareto Motion (Mostra >>)
Gas liquid cylindrical cyclone flow regime identification using machine learning combined with experimental mechanism explanation (Mostra >>)
Generative Adversarial Networks With AdaBoost Ensemble Learning for Anomaly Detection in High-Speed Train Automatic Doors (Mostra >>)
Guest Editorial: Special Section on AI Enhanced Reliability Assessment and Predictive Health Management (Mostra >>)
Guest Editorial: special issue of ESREL2020 PSAM15 (Mostra >>)
Hybrid and enhanced PSO: Novel first order reliability method-based hybrid intelligent approaches (Mostra >>)
Hybrid discrete differential evolution and deep Q-Network for multimission selective maintenance (Mostra >>)
Importance measures for critical components in complex system based on Copula Hierarchical Bayesian Network (Mostra >>)
Improved quantitative risk assessment of a natural gas pipeline considering high-consequence areas (Mostra >>)
Informational probabilistic sensitivity analysis and active learning surrogate modelling (Mostra >>)
Integrated fault estimation and fault-tolerant control for a flexible regional aircraft (Mostra >>)
Long-range dependence and heavy tail characteristics for remaining useful life prediction in rolling bearing degradation (Mostra >>)
Machine learning-based models to prioritize scenarios in a Quantitative Risk Analysis: An application to an actual atmospheric distillation unit (Mostra >>)
Matérn process-based simulation of wind speed time series (Mostra >>)
Multi-objective availability and cost optimization by PSO and COA for series-parallel systems with subsystems failure dependencies (Mostra >>)
Multifractional and long-range dependent characteristics for remaining useful life prediction of cracking gas compressor (Mostra >>)
Online Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on Packet Loss Influence-Inspired Retransmission Mechanism (Mostra >>)
Optimal design of step-stress accelerated degradation test oriented by nonlinear and distributed degradation process (Mostra >>)
Optimization of the Operation and Maintenance of renewable energy systems by Deep Reinforcement Learning (Mostra >>)
Optimizing generation expansion planning with operational uncertainty: A multistage adaptive robust approach (Mostra >>)
Parallel density scanned adaptive Kriging to improve local tsunami hazard assessment for coastal infrastructures (Mostra >>)
Passive safety systems analysis: A novel approach for inverse uncertainty quantification based on Stacked Sparse Autoencoders and Kriging metamodeling (Mostra >>)
Prognostics and Health Management (PHM): Where are we and where do we (need to) go in theory and practice (Mostra >>)
Prognostics and health management: A review from the perspectives of design, development and decision (Mostra >>)
Resilience-oriented optimal post-disruption reconfiguration for coupled traffic-power systems (Mostra >>)
Risk-Response Strategy Optimization Considering Limited Risk-Related Resource Allocation and Scheduling (Mostra >>)
Robust state-of-charge estimation of Li-ion batteries based on multichannel convolutional and bidirectional recurrent neural networks (Mostra >>)
Sensitivity-Analysis-Driven Surrogate Model for Molten Salt Reactors Control (Mostra >>)
Social Robotics and Synthetic Ethics: A Methodological Proposal for Research (Mostra >>)
Subset simulation for optimal sensors positioning based on value of information (Mostra >>)
Supply resilience assessment of natural gas pipeline network systems (Mostra >>)
System design optimization with mixed subsystems failure dependencies (Mostra >>)
The Contribution of Small Modular Reactors to the Resilience of Power Supply (Mostra >>)
The Role of Nuclear Small Modular Reactors for the Resilience of Integrated Energy Systems (Mostra >>)
Time space modelling for fault diagnosis and prognosis with uncertainty management: A general theoretical formulation (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2021 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Contributo in Atti di convegno
A Bayesian Regularized Artificial Neural Network for the estimation of the Ignition Probability in accidents in Oil & Gas plants (Mostra >>)
A Method based on Gaussian Process Regression for Modelling Burn-in of Semiconductor Devices (Mostra >>)
A Modeling Framework for the Analysis of Integrated Energy Systems Exposed to NaTech Events Induced by Climate Change (Mostra >>)
A Natural Language Processing Method for the Identification of the Factors Influencing Road Accident Severity (Mostra >>)
A multistate Bayesian Network integrating MISOF and probit modelling for the risk assessment of oil and gas plants (Mostra >>)
A planning strategy for maintenance interventions under complex systems (Mostra >>)
Damage Detection in Truss Structures Supporting Pipelines and Auxiliary Equipment in Power Plants (Mostra >>)
Dynamic Reliability Assessment Framework for Integrated Energy Systems Based on the Improved Universal Generating Function (Mostra >>)
Dynamic Reliability Assessment of Cyber-Physical Energy Systems (CPEs) by GTST-MLD (Mostra >>)
Finite State Machine Modelling for The Performance Analysis of An Integrated Road-Power Infrastructure with A Hybrid Fleet of EVs And ICVs (Mostra >>)
Multihazard Risk Aggregation Approach for Quantitative Risk Assessment of Upstream Oil and Gas Facilities (Mostra >>)
Natural Language Processing and Bayesian Networks for the Analysis of Process Safety Events (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
A Bayesian framework of inverse uncertainty quantification with principal component analysis and Kriging for the reliability analysis of passive safety systems (Mostra >>)
A Fractional Brownian Motion Model for Forecasting Lost Load and Time Interval between Power Outages (Mostra >>)
A Framework based on Finite Mixture Models and Adaptive Kriging for Characterizing Non-Smooth and Multimodal Failure Regions in a Nuclear Passive Safety System (Mostra >>)
A Hierarchical Resilience Enhancement Framework for Interdependent Critical Infrastructures (Mostra >>)
A Novel Framework for the Operational Reliability Evaluation of Integrated Electric Power-Gas Networks (Mostra >>)
A Two-Stage Stochastic Programming Model of Component Test Plan and Redundancy Allocation for System Reliability Optimization (Mostra >>)
A data-driven approach to anomaly detection and vulnerability dynamic analysis for large-scale integrated energy systems (Mostra >>)
A failure mechanism consistency test method for accelerated degradation test (Mostra >>)
A framework for the resilience analysis of complex natural gas pipeline networks from a cyber-physical system perspective (Mostra >>)
A generalized cauchy method for remaining useful life prediction of wind turbine gearboxes (Mostra >>)
A generalized petri net-based modeling framework for service reliability evaluation and management of cloud data centers (Mostra >>)
A machine learning-based methodology for multi-parametric solution of chemical processes operation optimization under uncertainty (Mostra >>)
A method for fault diagnosis in evolving environment using unlabeled data (Mostra >>)
A multi-branch deep neural network model for failure prognostics based on multimodal data (Mostra >>)
A multi-criteria model for the security assessment of large-infrastructure construction sites (Mostra >>)
A new hybrid model for wind speed forecasting combining long short-term memory neural network, decomposition methods and grey wolf optimizer (Mostra >>)
A novel association rule mining method for the identification of rare functional dependencies in Complex Technical Infrastructures from alarm data (Mostra >>)
A physics-informed machine learning framework for predictive maintenance applied to turbomachinery assets (Mostra >>)
A semi-supervised method for the characterization of degradation of nuclear power plants steam generators (Mostra >>)
A simulation-based multi-objective optimization framework for the production planning in energy supply chains (Mostra >>)
Accounting for Safety Barriers Degradation in the Risk Assessment of Oil and Gas Systems by Multistate Bayesian Networks (Mostra >>)
An MEWMA-based segmental multivariate hidden Markov model for degradation assessment and prediction (Mostra >>)
An integrated risk index accounting for epistemic uncertainty in probability risk assessment (Mostra >>)
An integrated, systematic data-driven supply-demand side management method for smart integrated energy systems (Mostra >>)
An optimization framework for opportunistic planning of preventive maintenance activities (Mostra >>)
An optimization model for planning testing and control strategies to limit the spread of a pandemic – The case of COVID-19 (Mostra >>)
Association rules extraction for the identification of functional dependencies in complex technical infrastructures (Mostra >>)
Bootstrapped ensemble of artificial neural networks technique for quantifying uncertainty in prediction of wind energy production (Mostra >>)
Data-driven reliability assessment method of Integrated Energy Systems based on probabilistic deep learning and Gaussian mixture Model-Hidden Markov Model (Mostra >>)
Deep reinforcement learning based on proximal policy optimization for the maintenance of a wind farm with multiple crews (Mostra >>)
Development of an integrated dynamic model for supply security and resilience analysis of natural gas pipeline network systems (Mostra >>)
Failure identification in a nuclear passive safety system by Monte Carlo simulation with adaptive Kriging (Mostra >>)
Fault diagnosis and reconfigurable control for commercial aircraft with multiple faults and actuator saturation (Mostra >>)
Feature extraction for early fault detection in rotating machinery of nuclear power plants based on adaptive VMD and Teager energy operator (Mostra >>)
Fractional Lévy stable motion with LRD for RUL and reliability analysis of li-ion battery (Mostra >>)
Gaussian Fields for Predicting Drift of Oil and Gas Pipes (Mostra >>)
Generalized Cauchy difference iterative forecasting model for wind speed based on fractal time series (Mostra >>)
Globalization and global risk: How risk analysis needs to be enhanced to be effective in confronting current threats (Mostra >>)
Guest Editorial: Value of Information (VoI) in reliability and risk assessment (Mostra >>)
Identification of LOFA precursors in ITER superconducting magnet cryogenic cooling circuit (Mostra >>)
Identification of critical components in the complex technical infrastructure of the large hadron collider using relief feature ranking and support vector machines (Mostra >>)
Integrated planning framework for preventive maintenance grouping: A case study for a conveyor system in the Chilean mining industry (Mostra >>)
Joint Distribution-Based Test Selection for Fault Detection and Isolation under Multiple Faults Condition (Mostra >>)
Metabolism and difference iterative forecasting model based on long-range dependent and grey for gearbox reliability (Mostra >>)
Metamodeling and on-line clustering for loss-of-flow accident precursors identification in a superconducting magnet cryogenic cooling circuit (Mostra >>)
Multi-state reliability assessment model of base-load cyber-physical energy systems (CPES) during flexible operation considering the aging of cyber components (Mostra >>)
Novel efficient method for structural reliability analysis using hybrid nonlinear conjugate map-based support vector regression (Mostra >>)
On-line Estimation of Degradation State Under Random Change of Mode (Mostra >>)
Optimal Prognostics and Health Management-driven inspection and maintenance strategies for industrial systems (Mostra >>)
Optimal sensor positioning on pressurized equipment based on Value of Information (Mostra >>)
Product technical life prediction based on multi-modes and fractional Lévy stable motion (Mostra >>)
Quantification of uncertainty in CFD simulation of accidental gas release for O & G quantitative risk assessment (Mostra >>)
Radiation-induced degradation analysis and reliability modeling of COTS ADCs for space-borne miniature fiber-optic gyroscopes (Mostra >>)
Reliability assessment of passive safety systems for nuclear energy applications: State‐of‐the‐art and open issues (Mostra >>)
Remaining useful life prediction for complex systems considering varying future operational conditions (Mostra >>)
Resilience Assessment and Importance Measure for Interdependent Critical Infrastructures (Mostra >>)
Resilience assessment of electrified road networks subject to charging station failures (Mostra >>)
Risk Assessment of an Electrical Power System Considering the Influence of Traffic Congestion on a Hypothetical Scenario of Electrified Transportation System in New York State (Mostra >>)
Time-dependent reliability analysis of the reactor building of a nuclear power plant for accounting of its aging and degradation (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2020 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Contributi su volumi (Capitolo o Saggio)
Review on health indices extraction and trend modeling for remaining useful life estimation (Mostra >>)
Contributo in Atti di convegno
A coevolutionary optimization approach with deep sparse autoencoder for the extraction of equipment degradation indicators (Mostra >>)
A hydrocarbon production system multi-objective optimization (Mostra >>)
A method for inferring casual dependencies among abnormal behaviours of components in complex technical infrastructures (Mostra >>)
A method for the risk analysis of energy supply in integrated energy systems (Mostra >>)
A methodology for the identification of the critical components of the electrical distribution network of cern’s large hadron collider (Mostra >>)
A multi-state model of the aging process of cyber-physical systems (Mostra >>)
A multistate bayesian network for accounting the degradation of safety barriers in the living risk assessment of oil and gas plants (Mostra >>)
A novel degradation state indicator for steam generators of nuclear power plants (Mostra >>)
A novel kpi for continuously monitored safety barriers based on probabilistic safety margins (Mostra >>)
A risk-based diagnostic campaign optimization for electric power distribution networks (Mostra >>)
A supervised classification method based on logistic regression with elastic-net penalization for heat waves identification to enhance resilience planning in electrical power distribution grids (Mostra >>)
A zero-sum Markov defender-attacker game for modeling false pricing in smart grids and its solution by multi-agent reinforcement learning (Mostra >>)
Advanced methods for loss-of-flow accident precursors identification in a superconducting magnet cryogenic cooling circuit (Mostra >>)
Agent-based modeling and reinforcement learning for optimizing energy systems operation and maintenance: the pathmind solution (Mostra >>)
Agent-based modeling for energy supply chain resilience analysis (Mostra >>)
Allocation of defense resources against cyber attacks to cyber-physical systems (Mostra >>)
An ensemble of echo state networks for predicting the energy production of wind plants (Mostra >>)
An interdisciplinary approach for investigating an accident originating from leakage in a gasketed bolted joint (Mostra >>)
An unsupervised method for the reconstruction of maintenance intervention times (Mostra >>)
Analytic hierarchy process for the estimation of the probability of failures of safety barriers in oil and gas installations (Mostra >>)
Assessing reliability reputation of products based on online customer reviews (Mostra >>)
Assessing the resilience of an electrified transportation network considering failures of charging stations (Mostra >>)
Comparison of cfd numerical approaches for the simulation of accidental gas release in energy applications (Mostra >>)
Data-driven extraction of association rules of dependent abnormal behaviour groups (Mostra >>)
Data-driven identification of critical components in complex technical infrastructures using Bayesian additive regression trees (Mostra >>)
Deep reinforcement learning for optimizing operation and maintenance of energy systems equipped with phm capabilities (Mostra >>)
Energy supply chains planning: Risk-based optimization (Mostra >>)
Enhancements of reliability centered maintenance analysis and its application to the railway industry (Mostra >>)
Estimation of the value of prognostic information for condition-based and predictive maintenance (Mostra >>)
Fault detection based on optimal transport theory (Mostra >>)
Fault diagnostics by conceptors-aided clustering (Mostra >>)
Fault prognostics in presence of event-based measurements (Mostra >>)
IRIS: A novel approach to monitoring risk in safety critical plants (Mostra >>)
Identification of fep critical paths from a bayesian network model for the risk assessment of nuclear waste repositories (Mostra >>)
Low-cycle fatigue life prediction and reliability evaluation of turbine blades with distributed collaborative lssvr (Mostra >>)
Mixed stochastic process modelling for accelerated degradation testing (Mostra >>)
Model-based Prognostic of the Remaining Useful Life of Bearings Considering Model Parameter Uncertainty (Mostra >>)
Multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for the identification of rare functional dependencies in complex technical infrastructures (Mostra >>)
Optimal grouping and scheduling of preventive maintenance activities (Mostra >>)
Optimal part flow in maintenance service contracts of gas turbines (Mostra >>)
Optimal sensors positioning for condition-based risk assessment by particle swarm optimization (Mostra >>)
Pipe drift estimation based on the measurements of geometrical parameters from a single pipe (Mostra >>)
Predicting the rate of CoVid-19 infected cases by Learning Theory (Mostra >>)
Resilience management of infrastructure systems from a multistage decision making perspective (Mostra >>)
Simulation-based goal tree success tree for the risk analysis of cyber-physical systems (Mostra >>)
Text mining for the automatic classification of road accident reports (Mostra >>)
The aramis data challenge: Prognostics and health management in evolving environments (Mostra >>)
The risk assessment and management of premature screen-out during hydraulic fracturing based on the bayesian belief network model (Mostra >>)
Unsupervised domain adaptation for dynamic in weighing motion system of freight rail carriages under varying ballast conditions (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
A Discrete Increment Model for Electricity Price Forecasting Based on Fractional Brownian Motion (Mostra >>)
A Feature Selection-based Approach for the Identification of Critical Components in Complex Technical Infrastructures: Application to the CERN Large Hadron Collider (Mostra >>)
A Novel Concept Drift Detection Method for Incremental Learning in Nonstationary Environments (Mostra >>)
A data-driven framework for identifying important components in complex systems (Mostra >>)
A hierarchical tree-based decision-making approach for assessing the relative trustworthiness of risk assessment models (Mostra >>)
A long-term prediction approach based on long short-term memory neural networks with automatic parameter optimization by Tree-structured Parzen Estimator and applied to time-series data of NPP steam generators (Mostra >>)
A new framework for multi-hazards risk aggregation (Mostra >>)
A novel method for maintenance record clustering and its application to a case study of maintenance optimization (Mostra >>)
A novel time-dependent system constraint boundary sampling technique for solving time-dependent reliability-based design optimization problems (Mostra >>)
A numerical approach for predicting the remaining useful life of an aviation hydraulic pump based on monitoring abrasive debris generation (Mostra >>)
A practical approach for evaluating the strength of knowledge supporting risk assessment models (Mostra >>)
A reinforcement learning approach to optimal part flow management for gas turbine maintenance (Mostra >>)
A systematic method for the analysis of energy supply reliability in complex Integrated Energy Systems considering uncertainties of renewable energies, demands and operations (Mostra >>)
Accounting for uncertainties of magnitude-and site-related parameters on neural network-computed ground-motion prediction equations (Mostra >>)
An efficient method for passive safety systems reliability assessment (Mostra >>)
An efficient method of key parameter screening for PCCS under SLB accident in AP1000 (Mostra >>)
An energy-based coupling degradation propagation model and its application to aviation actuation system (Mostra >>)
An extended method for evaluating assumptions deviations in quantitative risk assessment and its application to external flooding risk assessment of a nuclear power plant (Mostra >>)
An integrated reliability approach with improved importance sampling for low-cycle fatigue damage prediction of turbine disks (Mostra >>)
Analysing Recovery from Pandemics by Learning Theory: The Case of CoVid-19 (Mostra >>)
Bayesian Network Modelling for the Wind Energy Industry: An Overview (Mostra >>)
COVID-19 pandemic trend modeling and analysis to support resilience decision-making (Mostra >>)
Challenges to IoT-Enabled Predictive Maintenance for Industry 4.0 (Mostra >>)
Configuration Optimization in Miniature Interferometric Fiber-Optic Gyroscopes for Space Application (Mostra >>)
Considering the human operator cognitive process for the interpretation of diagnostic outcomes related to component failures and cyber security attacks (Mostra >>)
Cooperative co-evolutionary approach to optimize recovery for improving resilience in multi-communities (Mostra >>)
Corrigendum to “Reliability assessment of generic geared wind turbines by GTST-MLD model and Monte Carlo simulation” (Renewable Energy (2015) 83 (222–233), (S0960148115003158), (10.1016/j.renene.2015.04.035)) (Mostra >>)
Cost minimization of repairable systems subject to availability constraints using efficient cuckoo optimization algorithm (Mostra >>)
Cyber attack taxonomy for digital environment in nuclear power plants (Mostra >>)
Data-driven reliability analysis of Boeing 787 Dreamliner (Mostra >>)
Definition of the data for comprehensiveness in scenario analysis of near-surface nuclear waste repositories (Mostra >>)
Definitions of generalized multi-performance weighted multi-state K¯-out-of-n system and its reliability evaluations (Mostra >>)
Dynamic Surrogate Modeling for Multistep-ahead Prediction of Multivariate Nonlinear Chemical Processes (Mostra >>)
Dynamic probabilistic-based LCF damage assessment of turbine blades regarding time-varying multi-physical field loads (Mostra >>)
Ensemble empirical mode decomposition and long short-term memory neural network for multi-step predictions of time series signals in nuclear power plants (Mostra >>)
Equivalent availability index for the performance measurement of haul truck fleets (Mostra >>)
Fault prognostics by an ensemble of Echo State Networks in presence of event based measurements (Mostra >>)
Fractional ARIMA with an improved cuckoo search optimization for the efficient Short-term power load forecasting (Mostra >>)
Fractional Lévy stable motion: Finite difference iterative forecasting model (Mostra >>)
Identification of Protective Actions to Reduce the Vulnerability of Safety-Critical Systems to Malevolent Intentional Acts: An Optimization-Based Decision-Making Approach (Mostra >>)
Industrial equipment reliability estimation: A Bayesian Weibull regression model with covariate selection (Mostra >>)
Integrated Deterministic and Probabilistic Safety Analysis of Integrated Energy Systems with bi-directional conversion (Mostra >>)
Integrated deterministic and probabilistic safety assessment of a superconducting magnet cryogenic cooling circuit for nuclear fusion applications (Mostra >>)
Joint optimization of safety barriers for enhancing business continuity of nuclear power plants against steam generator tube ruptures accidents (Mostra >>)
Modeling and Analyzing Supporting Systems for Smart Manufacturing Systems with Stochastic, Technical and Economic Dependences (Mostra >>)
Multifractional Brownian Motion and Quantum-Behaved Partial Swarm Optimization for Bearing Degradation Forecasting (Mostra >>)
Optimization of an aperiodic sequential inspection and condition-based maintenance policy driven by value of information (Mostra >>)
Partially observable Markov decision processes for optimal operations of gas transmission networks (Mostra >>)
Prediction of CoVid-19 infection, transmission and recovery rates: A new analysis and global societal comparisons (Mostra >>)
Probabilistic-based combined high and low cycle fatigue assessment for turbine blades using a substructure-based kriging surrogate model (Mostra >>)
Remaining useful life prediction for Lithium-ion batteries using fractional Brownian motion and Fruit-fly Optimization Algorithm (Mostra >>)
Remaining useful life prediction using multi-scale deep convolutional neural network (Mostra >>)
Risk Analysis of Cyber-Physical Systems by GTST-MLD (Mostra >>)
Risk-informed approach to the safety improvement of the reactor protection system of the AGN-201K research reactor (Mostra >>)
Spectral kurtosis of choi-williams distribution and hidden markov model for gearbox fault diagnosis (Mostra >>)
System reliability-redundancy optimization with cold-standby strategy by an enhanced nest cuckoo optimization algorithm (Mostra >>)
Time-dependent reliability-based design optimization considering aleatory and epistemic uncertainties (Mostra >>)
Vulnerability analysis of critical infrastructure under disruptions: An application to China Railway High-speed (Mostra >>)
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