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Information on didactic, research and institutional assignments on this page are certified by the University; more information, prepared by the professor, are available on the personal web page and in the curriculum vitae indicated on this webpage.
Information on professor
ProfessorMilani Gabriele
QualificationFull professor full time
Belonging DepartmentDipartimento di Architettura, Ingegneria delle Costruzioni e Ambiente Costruito
Scientific-Disciplinary SectorICAR/08 - Structural Mechanics
Curriculum VitaeDownload CV (1.16Mb - 10/12/2019)

Professor's office hours
A.B.C.----TuesdayFrom 10:00
To 18:00
+39.3495516064--ricevimento per appuntamento, preferibilmente fissato via e-mail
Professor's personal websitehttp://www.stru.polimi.it/IT/Personale.plp?category=docente;choosenletter=m;people=2217

Data source: RE.PUBLIC@POLIMI - Research Publications at Politecnico di Milano

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2023 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Contributions on scientific books
Simplified Numerical Tool for a Fast Strength Estimation of Squared Masonry Columns Reinforced with FRP Jackets (Show >>)
Conference proceedings
Fast stability analysis of masonry domes and vaults subjected to gravity-induced loads (Show >>)
Journal Articles
Debonding sawtooth analytical model and FE implementation with in-house experimental validation for SRG-strengthened joints subjected to direct shear (Show >>)
Experimental quasi-static out-of-plane test of a U-shaped brick masonry wall (Show >>)
Failures and damages of historical masonry structures induced by 2012 northern and 2016-17 central Italy seismic sequences: Critical issues and new perspectives towards seismic prevention (Show >>)
Probabilistic-based discrete model for the seismic fragility assessment of masonry structures (Show >>)
Simple non-linear numerical modelling of masonry arches reinforced with SRG using elasto-fragile and elasto-ductile truss finite elements (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2022 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Advanced methods of computational mechanics and simulation oriented to civil and industrial engineering (Show >>)
Contributions on scientific books
Introduction (Show >>)
NURBS-Based Limit Analysis of Masonry Vaults (Show >>)
Rigid Block Limit Analysis of Masonry Arches with Associated and Non-associated Slides (Show >>)
Survey and Monitoring Methods for Masonry Arches and Vaults (Show >>)
Conference proceedings
A Micro-Modeling Approach Applied to the TRM Debonding on Concave Masonry Substrates (Show >>)
A Simple and Low-Cost Numerical Model for FRP-Masonry Interface Behavior (Show >>)
A Tribute to Prof. Renato Olivito’s Career (Show >>)
A novel fast and low-cost masonry monitoring strategy and application on arches (Show >>)
A novel fast and low-cost masonry monitoring strategy for masonry arches (Show >>)
A rational simplified procedure for modelling TRM reinforcement on curved masonry elements (Show >>)
A simple numerical model based on knots for FRP to masonry interfaces (Show >>)
Adaptative Limit Analysis of in-Plane Loaded Partially Grouted Reinforced Masonry Shear Walls (Show >>)
Advanced Structural Investigation Through Structural Health Monitoring and Adaptive Limit Analysis: the Case of a Damaged Masonry Arch Bridge in India (Show >>)
Advanced and Simplified Modeling Approaches for the Study of the Bond Behavior of FRP Systems on Curved Masonry Substrates (Show >>)
Analysis of the seismic safety condition of the defensive walls of Cittadella (Show >>)
Behavior of Existing Structures under Earthquakes: Advancements in Analysis Methods and Retrofitting Systems (Show >>)
Closed-Form Solutions for FRP and FRCM Strengthening Brittle Substrates (Show >>)
Closed-form solution for NSM strengthening systems applied to brittle substrates (Show >>)
Closed-form solutions for FRP and FRCM strengthening systems applied to brittle substrates (Show >>)
Combined Adaptive Limit Analysis and Discrete FE Approach for the Structural Assessment of Skew Arches (Show >>)
Curved masonry supports strengthened with TRM materials: Advanced Fe modelling (Show >>)
Different Strategies for the Numerical Modeling of TRM-Reinforced Arches (Show >>)
Experimental Study on the Local Behavior of CFRP Anchor Spikes Fixed to Masonry Substrates (Show >>)
Fast 3D Adaptive Limit Analysis of Masonry Arch Bridges Interacting with Backfill (Show >>)
Fast Adaptive Limit Analysis of Masonry Arch Bridges in Presence of Differential Settlements of Bridge Piles (Show >>)
Innovative Computation of 3d M-N Domain from Cross-Section Graphic Analysis (Show >>)
Innovative Fiber Optic Sensor monitoring of delamination phenomenon for FRCM reinforced curved masonry pillars (Show >>)
Interactive Software for Behaviour Mapping of Masonry Arches (Show >>)
Modeling approaches and computational methods for masonry structures strengthened by fiber reinforced composite materials (Show >>)
Modelling of Curved Masonry Elements Reinforced with TRM: From a Detailed to a Simplified Approach (Show >>)
Novel 3D distinct element limit analysis model for the seismic vulnerability evaluation of historical masonry pagodas of major importance in China (Show >>)
Numerical Simulations of the Vulcanization Process of a Low Cost Elastomeric Seismic Isolator (Show >>)
Preliminary Study of a Neural Network Procedure for the Timely Detection of the Collapse of Historical Cultural Heritage Structures (Show >>)
Preliminary study on a novel Optimal Placed Sensors method based on Genetic Algorithm (Show >>)
Seismic vulnerability assessment for historical masonry aggregates (Show >>)
Shear Capacity Assessment of Dry Joint Masonry Panels Through Tilting Tests: Experimental Test and Numerical Representation (Show >>)
Simplified Micro-Modeling of Partially-Grouted Reinforced Masonry Shear Walls of Hollow Concrete Blocks (Show >>)
Simulation and Fast vulnerability analysis of a Chinese masonry pagoda (Show >>)
Welcome Message from the General Chairs (Show >>)
Journal Articles
A FE-Based Macro-Element for the Assessment of Masonry Structures: Linear Static, Vibration, and Non-Linear Cyclic Analyses (Show >>)
A Multi-Pier-Macro MPM method for the progressive failure analysis of full scale walls in two way bending (Show >>)
A novel Lower Bound Limit Analysis model with hexahedron elements for the failure analysis of laboratory and thin infill masonry walls in two-way bending (Show >>)
A vulnerability index based-approach for the historical centre of the city of Latronico (Potenza, Southern Italy) (Show >>)
Analysis of a complex masonry structure: the umbrella vault of thecamera picta in Masegra Castle, Sondrio (Show >>)
Development of a Low-Cost Numerical Model for FRP-Masonry Interface Behaviour (Show >>)
Experimental characterization of the textile-to-mortar bond through distributed optical sensors (Show >>)
High Damping Rubber Isolators for Low-Rise Masonry Buildings (Show >>)
Influence of internal defects of semi grouted sleeve connections on the seismic performance of precast monolithic concrete columns (Show >>)
Interactive software for mapping concentrated displacements in masonry arches (Show >>)
Joint Stiffness Influence on the First-Order Seismic Capacity of Dry-Joint Masonry Structures: Numerical DEM Investigations (Show >>)
NURBS solid modeling for the three-dimensional limit analysis of curved rigid block structures (Show >>)
Nonlinear finite and discrete element simulations of multi-storey masonry walls (Show >>)
Nonlinear modeling of the seismic response of masonry structures: critical review and open issues towards engineering practice (Show >>)
Novel non-linear static numerical model for curved masonry structures based on a combined adaptive limit analysis and discrete FE computations (Show >>)
Numerical study of the effect of Post-Liquefaction settlements on the response of infilled RC-frames (Show >>)
Seismic performance of Unbonded Fiber-Reinforced Elastomeric Isolators (UFREI) made by recycled rubber. Influence of suboptimal crosslinking (Show >>)
Shear design equation and updated fragility functions for partially grouted reinforced masonry shear walls (Show >>)
Simple approach to evaluate the influence of seismic residual displacements on post-liquefaction settlements of RC-frames (Show >>)
Simple lower bound limit analysis model for masonry double curvature structures (Show >>)
Simple model with in-parallel elasto-fragile trusses to characterize debonding on FRP-reinforced flat substrates (Show >>)
The behavior mapping of masonry arches subjected to lumped deformations (Show >>)
Vulcanization degree influence on the mechanical properties of Fiber Reinforced Elastomeric Isolators made with reactivated EPDM (Show >>)
Work-path approach seismic modelling of hinge-controlled masonry arches (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2021 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Preface to the MiniSymposium: "Experimental and Computational Assessment of the Nonlinear Response of Heterogeneous Structures and Multiphase Systems, at Different Scales". ICCMSE 2020. (Show >>)
Conference proceedings
3D advanced numerical modelling of a catalan-layered masonry vault unreinforced and reinforced with glass-TRM materials and subjected to vertical support movements (Show >>)
A NURBS-based numerical approach for the assessment of masonry vaults undergoing differential settlements (Show >>)
A novel genetic algorithm homogeneous approach for the in-plane analysis of masonry walls subjected to settlements (Show >>)
A two-step procedure for the numerical analysis of curved masonry structures (Show >>)
Adaptive NURBS based local failure analyses of retrofitted masonry aggregates (Show >>)
Advanced numerical prediction of unreinforced U-shaped masonry walls loaded out-of-plane (Show >>)
Behaviour factor assessment of ancient masonry towers through an innovative simplified pushover method (Show >>)
Dynamic analysis of masonry chimneys by means of a simple Rigid Beam Model (Show >>)
Experimental study on rubber compounds made of reactivated EPDM for fiber reinforced elastomeric isolators (Show >>)
FE modeling of a seismic isolator made of HDR and regenerated EPDM (Show >>)
FE pushover analyses of a 20th-century masonry chimney in Spain: Collapse behaviour and numerical uncertainties (Show >>)
Full 3D CAD procedure for the limit analysisi of longhu Pagoda in China (Show >>)
Influence of crosslinking on the seismic performance of unbonded fiber reinforced elastomeric isolators (UFREI) made of regenerated rubber (Show >>)
Low-cost rubber compounds for fiber-reinforced elastomeric isolators: Recovered powders and waste oils from rubber manufacturing processes (Show >>)
Modelling of unreinforced periodic masonry panels tested under two-way bending via a non-linear discrete homogenized strategy (Show >>)
Numerical validation of a heterogeneous FE approach for the analysis of TRM debonding on curved masonry substrates (Show >>)
Role of repeated seismic events on the collapse of two Calidaria in Rome dating back to the imperial age (Show >>)
Seismic vulnerability assessment of Longhu Pagoda, Sichuan, China (Show >>)
Seismic vulnerability of masonry historical structures: A simple adaptive nurbs FE approach for the limit and the subsequent non-linear static analysis with few dofs (Show >>)
Three-dimensional analysis of masonry vaults subjected to differential settlements (Show >>)
Validation of a detailed micro-modeling approach for in-plane loaded partially-grouted reinforced masonry shear walls (Show >>)
Journal Articles
A Multi-Pier-Macro MPM method for the progressive failure analysis of perforated masonry walls in-plane loaded (Show >>)
A Rigid-Beam-Model for studying the dynamic behaviour of cantilever masonry walls (Show >>)
A micro-modeling approach for the prediction of TRM bond performance on curved masonry substrates (Show >>)
A two-step automated procedure based on adaptive limit and pushover analyses for the seismic assessment of masonry structures (Show >>)
Advanced Modeling of a Historical Masonry Umbrella Vault: Settlement Analysis and Crack Tracking via Adaptive NURBS Kinematic Analysis (Show >>)
Advanced Seismic Assessment of Four Masonry Bell Towers in Italy after Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) Identification (Show >>)
An iterative rectification procedure analysis for historical timber frames: Application to a cultural heritage Chinese Pavilion (Show >>)
Comprehensive Evaluation Method of Historical Timber Structural Building Taking Fujiu Zhou House as an Example (Show >>)
Creating a finite element mesh of non-periodic masonry from the measurement of its geometrical characteristics: A novel automated procedure (Show >>)
Debonding mechanism of FRP strengthened flat surfaces: Analytical approach and closed form solution (Show >>)
Design of isolated masonry housing using re-cycled rubber materials (Show >>)
Detailed micro-modeling of partially grouted reinforced masonry shear walls: extended validation and parametric study (Show >>)
Discontinuous approaches for nonlinear dynamic analyses of an ancient masonry tower (Show >>)
Dynamic damage identification for a full-scale parabolic tuff barrel vault under differential settlements of the supports (Show >>)
Dynamic modelling structure of hinge-controlled masonry arches and 2D accelerations (Show >>)
Fe vs. De modeling for the nonlinear dynamics of a historic church in central italy (Show >>)
Influence of Stereotomy on Discrete Approaches Applied to an Ancient Church in Muccia, Italy (Show >>)
Internet of Things (IoT) for masonry structural health monitoring (SHM): Overview and examples of innovative systems (Show >>)
Longhu pagoda: Advanced numerical investigations for assessing performance at failure under horizontal loads (Show >>)
Mechanical model based on a BVP for FRPs applied on flat and curved masonry pillars with anchor spikes (Show >>)
Model Updating of Historical Belfries Based on Oma Identification Techniques (Show >>)
Modeling of FRCM strengthening systems externally applied on curved masonry substrates (Show >>)
Modelling the experimental seismic out-of-plane two-way bending response of unreinforced periodic masonry panels using a non-linear discrete homogenized strategy (Show >>)
NURBS upper bound prey-predator scheme for collapse analysis of masonry vaults (Show >>)
Numerical study of the bond behavior of DMF systems (Show >>)
Numerical study on rubber compounds made of reactivated ethylene propylene diene monomer for fiber reinforced elastomeric isolators (Show >>)
Optimal vulcanization of unbonded fiber reinforced elastomeric isolator devices (Show >>)
Preliminary study of an ancient earthquake-proof construction technique monitoring via an innovative structural health monitoring system (Show >>)
Procedure for the numerical characterization of the local bond behavior of FRCM (Show >>)
Quasi-static testing of concrete masonry shear walls with different horizontal reinforcement schemes (Show >>)
Relation between activation energy and induction in rubber sulfur vulcanization: An experimental study (Show >>)
SHM of a severely cracked masonry arch bridge in India: Experimental campaign and adaptive NURBS limit analysis numerical investigation (Show >>)
Seismic protection of masonry buildings by means of a reactivated epdm-fiber reinforced elastomeric isolation system (Show >>)
Seismic protection of unreinforced masonry buildings by means of low cost elastomeric isolation systems (Show >>)
Simplified micro-modeling of partially-grouted reinforced masonry shear walls with bed-joint reinforcement: Implementation and validation (Show >>)
Structural Health Monitoring of Architectural Heritage: From the past to the Future Advances (Show >>)
The 2016 Central Italy seismic sequence: linear and non-linear interpretation models for damage evolution in S. Agostino’s church in Amatrice (Show >>)
The effect of ground motion vertical component on the seismic response of historical masonry buildings: The case study of the Banloc Castle in Romania (Show >>)
Three-dimensional adaptive limit analysis of masonry arch bridges interacting with the backfill (Show >>)
Tilting plane tests for the ultimate shear capacity evaluation of perforated dry joint masonry panels. Part I: Experimental tests (Show >>)
Tilting plane tests for the ultimate shear capacity evaluation of perforated dry joint masonry panels. Part II: Numerical analyses (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2020 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Contributions on scientific books
Innovative voxel approach for homogenized out-of-plane analysis of non-periodic masonry walls (Show >>)
Conference proceedings
Adaptive limit analysis of historical masonry structures modeled as nurbs solids (Show >>)
An automatic and fast procedure for the numerical analysis of curved masonry structures (Show >>)
An experimental study on the effectiveness of cfrp reinforcements applied to curved masonry pillars (Show >>)
An innovative voxel-based approach for the out-of-plane homogenized limit analysis of non-periodic multi-leaf masonry walls (Show >>)
Automatic CAD kinematic limit analysis approach for the limit analysis of masonry towers (Show >>)
Automatic assessment of partial failure mechanisms in retrofitted historical masonry aggregates through adaptive nurbs limit analysis (Show >>)
Dynamic Identification of the Damage for a Parabolic Tuff Barrel Vault with Differential Settlements of the Supports (Show >>)
Fast discrete homogenization approach for the analysis under out-of-plane loads of unenforced and TRM reinforced masonry panels (Show >>)
Fast seismic vulnerability evaluation of Wenfeng Pagoda in Yangzhou,PRC (Show >>)
Full-scale Dynamic Tests on Unreinforced and GFRCM-reinforced Apulian Tuff Masonry Arches (Show >>)
Non-linear dynamic joint selection strategy for hinge controlled masonry arches (Show >>)
Numerical analysis of the bond behavior of frp applied to masonry curved substrates with anchor spikes (Show >>)
On unilateral contact between rigid masonry blocks (Show >>)
Out-of-plane homogenized failure surfaces of masonry through a novel voxel approach (Show >>)
Seismic analysis and retrofitting of civil engineering structures (Show >>)
Seismic performance of a masonry house prototype retrofitted using FRP (Show >>)
Seismic vulnerability evaluation of longhu pagoda, sichuan, prc (Show >>)
Settlement analysis of the masonry umbrella vault of the Masegra Castle (Show >>)
The modelling of multiple leaf masonry walls of the arquata del tronto fortress as a non-smooth dynamical system (Show >>)
Vulcanization of regenerated rubber pads for seismic base isolation of low rise masonry buildings (Show >>)
Vulnerability assessment of masonry aggregates through an automated NURBS-based limit analyst approach (Show >>)
Journal Articles
3D homogenized limit analysis of non-periodic multi-leaf masonry walls (Show >>)
3D voxel homogenized limit analysis of single-leaf non-periodic masonry (Show >>)
A Genetic Algorithm adaptive homogeneous approach for evaluating settlement-induced cracks in masonry walls (Show >>)
A Multi-Pier MP method for the non-linear static analysis of out-of-plane loaded masonry walls (Show >>)
A Multi-Pier MP procedure for the non-linear analysis of in-plane loaded masonry walls (Show >>)
A fast modeling approach for numerical analysis of unreinforced and FRCM reinforced masonry walls under out-of-plane loading (Show >>)
A numerical procedure for the force-displacement description of out-of-plane collapse mechanisms in masonry structures (Show >>)
ANUB-Aggregates: a fully automatic NURBS-based software for advanced local failure analyses of historical masonry aggregates (Show >>)
Advanced numerical analyses by the Non-Smooth Contact Dynamics method of an ancient masonry bell tower (Show >>)
Advanced numerical strategies for seismic assessment of historical masonry aggregates (Show >>)
Automatic mesh generator for the non-linear homogenized analysis of double curvature masonry structures (Show >>)
Behavior of traditional Chinese mortise-tenon joints: Experimental and numerical insight for coupled vertical and reversed cyclic horizontal loads (Show >>)
Bond behaviour of FRP strengthening applied on curved masonry substrates: Numerical study (Show >>)
Crumbling of amatrice clock tower during 2016 central Italy seismic sequence: Advanced numerical insights (Show >>)
Development of an interface numerical model for C-FRPs applied on flat and curved masonry pillars (Show >>)
Efficient meta-heuristic mesh adaptation strategies for NURBS upper–bound limit analysis of curved three-dimensional masonry structures (Show >>)
Experimental and numerical analyses of unreinforced masonry wall components and building (Show >>)
Failure analysis of a Portuguese cultural heritage masterpiece: Bonet building in Sintra (Show >>)
Fast brick-based homogenized limit analysis for in- and out-of-plane loaded periodic masonry panels (Show >>)
Guest editorial for the special issue of selected and extended papers presented at the 10th International Masonry Conference (Show >>)
Heterogeneous FE model for single lap shear tests on FRP reinforced masonry curved pillars with spike anchors (Show >>)
Limit analysis of masonry arch bridges through an adaptive GA-NURBS upper-bound approach (Show >>)
Masonry structures in the presence of foundation settlements and unilateral contact problems (Show >>)
Modeling Strategies for the Computational Analysis of Unreinforced Masonry Structures: Review and Classification (Show >>)
Modeling of the Tensile Behavior FRCM Systems for Repair and Strengthening Interventions of Masonry Structures (Show >>)
NURBS-based kinematic limit analysis of FRP-reinforced masonry walls with out-of-plane loading (Show >>)
Numerical homogenization-based seismic assessment of an English-bond masonry prototype: Structural level application (Show >>)
Numerical simulation of the tensile behavior of FRCM strengthening systems (Show >>)
Preface: Themed Issue on: Masonry Research in the Third Millennium: From Theory to Practical Applications (Show >>)
Rubber compounds made of reactivated EPDM for fiber-reinforced elastomeric isolators: an experimental study (Show >>)
Seismic capacity and multi-mechanism analysis for dry-stack masonry arches subjected to hinge control (Show >>)
Seismic response evaluation of ten tuff masonry churches with basilica plan through advanced numerical simulations (Show >>)
Seismic vulnerability of masonry buildings: Numerical insight on damage causes for residential buildings by the 2016 central Italy seismic sequence and evaluation of strengthening techniques (Show >>)
Simple bisection procedure in quickly convergent explicit ODE solver to numerically analyze FRCM strengthening systems (Show >>)
Theoretical model for the study of the tensile behavior of FRCM reinforcements (Show >>)
Three-dimensional discrete element modelling of rubble masonry structures from dense point clouds (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2019 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Preface (Show >>)
Contributions on scientific books
Advanced finite element modeling of textile-reinforced mortar strengthened masonry (Show >>)
Fiber reinforced polymer strengthened masonry: Delamination, experimental and numerical issues (Show >>)
Homogenization limit analysis (Show >>)
Homogenization models for nonlinear and limit analysis of FRP-strengthened masonry (Show >>)
Seismic assessment of historical masonry structures through advanced nonlinear dynamic simulations: Applications to castles, churches, and palaces (Show >>)
Conference proceedings
3D limit analysis voxel approach for the homogenization of masonry with irregular bond (Show >>)
A probablistic framework using a discrete Fe-based homogenized model for the in- And out-of-plane analysis of masonry structures (Show >>)
An innovative structural health monitoring system for the preliminary study of an ancient anti-seismic construction technique (Show >>)
An integrated kinetic-Fe vulcanization model to predict the optimal curing of thick rubber pads for applications in seismic isolation (Show >>)
Application of homogenization approaches for modeling of FRCM-strengthened masonry (Show >>)
Automated procedure for the creation of finite element mesh: Application to non-periodic historical masonry (Show >>)
Bond mechanism of FRPs externally applied to curved masonry structures: Experimental outcomes and numerical modeling (Show >>)
Cultural Heritage and earthquake: The case study of San Francesco’s church in Amandola (Central Italy) (Show >>)
Damage assessment by the non-smooth contact dynamics method of the iconic crumbling of the clock tower in Amatrice after the 2016 Central Italy seismic sequence (Show >>)
Design, analysis and retrofitting of civil structures and infrastructures in Seismic Prone Areas (Show >>)
Diagonal Compressive Tests on Double Wythe Brick Ancient Masonry Panels Unreinforced and Reinforced with Innovative Cement Based Materials: Advanced FE Simulations (Show >>)
Dynamic Behaviour Analysis of an English-Bond Masonry Prototype Using a Homogenized-Based Discrete FE Model (Show >>)
Dynamic response of FRCM reinforced masonry arches (Show >>)
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Historical Aseismic Construction System (Show >>)
Experimental and numerical analysis of FRCM strengthened parabolic tuff barrel vault (Show >>)
Experimental and numerical analysis of the effectiveness of FRCM strengthening on a parabolic tuff barrel vault (Show >>)
Experimental and numerical analysis on an ancient anti-seismic technique (Show >>)
Experimentation and numerical modelling of recycled rubber pads for seismic isolation under accelerated ageing (Show >>)
Experimentation and numerical modelling of recycled rubber pads under ageing for base seismic isolation of a historical masonry church (Show >>)
Finite Element Thrust Line Analysis (FETLA) Based Sensitivity Analysis of the Thrust Line of a Masonry Dome with Tension Rings (Show >>)
Finite Hinge Stiffness and its Effect on the Capacity of a Dry-Stack Masonry Arch Subjected to Hinge Control (Show >>)
Full 3D CAD procedure for the speedy evaluation of the seismic vulnerability of masonry towers (Show >>)
Increase in Seismic Resistance for a Full-Scale Dry Stack Masonry Arch Subjected to Hinge Control (Show >>)
Influence of axial load on shear properties of HDRBs (Show >>)
Irrecoverable Collapse Time for a Fixed-Hinge Dry-Stack Arch Under Constant Horizontal Acceleration (Show >>)
Non-linear dynamic behaviour of a masonry arch subjected to hinge control (Show >>)
Non-linear homogenized and heterogeneous Fe models for FRCM reinforced masonry walls out-of-plane loaded (Show >>)
Numerical models for simulating the dynamic behaviour of freestanding ancient columns (Show >>)
Nurbs-based upper bound limit analysis of FRP reinforced masonry vaults through an efficient mesh adaptation scheme (Show >>)
On collapse behavior of reinforced masonry domes under seismic loads (Show >>)
On the Stability Analysis of a Geometrically Complex Leaning Historic Structure (Show >>)
Open challenges towards a seismic protection of new and existing buildings (Show >>)
Post-cracking B-FRCM strengthening of a traditional anti-seismic construction technique (Casa baraccata): Extensive experimental investigations (Show >>)
Relaxation test and numerical modeling of rubber for seismic base isolation (Show >>)
Seismic assessment of masonry aggregates: A NURBS-based limit analysis computational tool (Show >>)
Seismic vulnerability of masonry walls through an innovative voxel limit analysis homogenization approach (Show >>)
Simple Homogenized Numerical Model for the Analysis of Multi-leaf Masonry Walls (Show >>)
Some considerations about the effects of the bonding length on the effectiveness of spike anchors in cfrp reinforcements of masonry (Show >>)
Study of the interface behaviour between fictile tubules bricks and mortar: Numerical and experimental analysis (Show >>)
The Non-smooth tale of “Apennine Churches” stroked by the Central Italy Earthquakes of 2016 (Show >>)
Three-dimensional analysis of a damaged masonry arch bridge under horizontal load (Show >>)
Voxel approach for 3D in-plane homogenized failure surfaces of non-periodic masonry (Show >>)
Vulnerability Evaluation of Historical Masonry Structures: Italian Churches and Towers (Show >>)
Scientific Books
Numerical modeling of masonry and historical structures: From theory to application (Show >>)
Journal Articles
2D pixel homogenized limit analysis of non-periodic masonry walls (Show >>)
Advanced non-linear numerical modeling of masonry groin vaults of major historical importance: St John Hospital case study in Jerusalem (Show >>)
Advanced numerical insights into failure analysis and strengthening of monumental masonry churches under seismic actions (Show >>)
Base seismic isolation of a historical masonry church using fiber reinforced elastomeric isolators (Show >>)
Collapse behavior of masonry domes under seismic loads: An adaptive NURBS kinematic limit analysis approach (Show >>)
Curved masonry pillars reinforced with anchored CFRP sheets: An experimental analysis (Show >>)
Damage assessment and collapse investigation of three historical masonry palaces under seismic actions (Show >>)
Damage survey, simplified assessment, and advanced seismic analyses of two masonry churches after the 2012 Emilia earthquake (Show >>)
Diagram based assessment strategy for first-order analysis of masonry arches (Show >>)
Dynamic behavior of an inclined existing masonry tower in Italy (Show >>)
Dynamic behaviour of ancient freestanding multi-drum and monolithic columns subjected to horizontal and vertical excitations (Show >>)
Earthquake-induced damage assessment and partial failure mechanisms of an Italian Medieval castle (Show >>)
Effectiveness of different base isolation systems for seismic protection: Numerical insights into an existing masonry bell tower (Show >>)
Fast Vulnerability Evaluation of Masonry Towers by Means of an Interactive and Adaptive 3D Kinematic Limit Analysis with Pre-assigned Failure Mechanisms (Show >>)
Historical masonry building aggregates: advanced numerical insight for an effective seismic assessment on two row housing compounds (Show >>)
Hybrid seismic base isolation of a historical masonry church using unbonded fiber reinforced elastomeric isolators and shape memory alloy wires (Show >>)
Implementation of a simple novel Abaqus user element to predict the behavior of unbonded fiber reinforced elastomeric isolators in macro-scale computations (Show >>)
Modelling of the bond behaviour of curved masonry specimens strengthened by CFRP with anchor spikes (Show >>)
Multi-tiered Nepalese temples: Advanced numerical investigations for assessing performance at failure under horizontal loads (Show >>)
Numerical kinetic model with regularization for NR–PB natural and poly-butadiene rubber blends: implementation and validation against experimental data (Show >>)
Optimal production of tires through an integrated experimental, kinetic and finite element Fe modelling approach (Show >>)
Seismic vulnerability analysis and retrofitting of the SS. Rosario church bell tower in finale emilia (Modena, Italy) (Show >>)
Validation of a two-step simplified compatible homogenisation approach extended to out-plane loaded masonries (Show >>)
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