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DocenteCerullo Giulio Nicola Felice
QualificaProfessore ordinario a tempo pieno
Dipartimento d'afferenzaDipartimento di Fisica
Settore Scientifico DisciplinareFIS/03 - Fisica Della Materia
Curriculum VitaeScarica il CV (170.36Kb - 11/11/2011)

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Fonte dati: RE.PUBLIC@POLIMI - Research Publications at Politecnico di Milano

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2022 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Abstract in Atti di convegno
Development of a combined experimental/computational model of tissue regeneration in the miniaturized optically accessible bioreactor (MOAB). (Mostra >>)
Piattaforma impiantabile per l'imaging in vivo (Mostra >>)
Contributo in Atti di convegno
Tissue regeneration imaged in vivo using a miniaturized window for intravital nonlinear microscopy (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
A Miniaturized Imaging Window to Quantify Intravital Tissue Regeneration within a 3D Microscaffold in Longitudinal Studies (Mostra >>)
Chemically-Controlled Ultrafast Photothermal Response in Plasmonic Nanostructured Assemblies (Mostra >>)
Deciphering Photoinduced Charge Transfer Dynamics in a Cross-Linked Graphene-Dye Nanohybrid (Mostra >>)
Effect of 3D Synthetic Microscaffold Nichoid on the Morphology of Cultured Hippocampal Neurons and Astrocytes (Mostra >>)
High-resolution crystal structure of a 20 kDa superfluorinated gold nanocluster (Mostra >>)
Standoff CARS spectroscopy and imaging using an ytterbium-based laser system (Mostra >>)
Ultrafast Plasmonics beyond the Perturbative Regime: Breaking the Electronic-Optical Dynamics Correspondence (Mostra >>)
Ultrafast hot carrier transfer in WS2/graphene large area heterostructures (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2021 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Contributo in Atti di convegno
A compact fiber-laser-based system for detection of biological agents via coherent Raman spectroscopy (Mostra >>)
Comb-calibrated Stimulated-Raman Spectroscopy of H2 (Mostra >>)
Comb-calibrated stimulated-Raman spectroscopy of H2 (Mostra >>)
Comb-referenced Stimulated Raman Spectrometer: Application to the Collisional Physics of H2 (Mostra >>)
Dynamical imaging of local photovoltage at semiconductor surface by photo-assisted ultrafast scanning electron microscopy (Mostra >>)
Micro structured tools for cell modeling in the fourth dimension (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
Activation of 2‐Cyclohexenone by BF 3 Coordination: Mechanistic Insights from Theory and Experiment (Mostra >>)
Adjusting the energy of interfacial states in organic photovoltaics for maximum efficiency (Mostra >>)
All-optical polarization and amplitude modulation of second-harmonic generation in atomically thin semiconductors (Mostra >>)
All‐Optical Modulation with Dielectric Nanoantennas: Multiresonant Control and Ultrafast Spatial Inhomogeneities (Mostra >>)
Broadband Optical Activity Spectroscopy with Interferometric Fourier-Transform Balanced Detection (Mostra >>)
Broadly tunable mid-infrared femtosecond pulses directly generated by an optical parametric amplifier (Mostra >>)
Control of Protonated Schiff Base Excited State Decay within Visual Protein Mimics: A Unified Model for Retinal Chromophores (Mostra >>)
Deep reinforcement learning control of white-light continuum generation (Mostra >>)
Direct Evidence for Excitation Energy Transfer Limitations Imposed by Low-Energy Chlorophylls in Photosystem I-Light Harvesting Complex i of Land Plants (Mostra >>)
Dissecting Interlayer Hole and Electron Transfer in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Heterostructures via Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy (Mostra >>)
Exciton–phonon coupling strength in single-layer MoSe2 at room temperature (Mostra >>)
Four-Channel Differential Lock-in Amplifiers With Autobalancing Network for Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy (Mostra >>)
In Silico Ultrafast Nonlinear Spectroscopy Meets Experiments: The Case of Perylene Bisimide Dye (Mostra >>)
Investigation of the non-equilibrium state of strongly correlated materials by complementary ultrafast spectroscopy techniques (Mostra >>)
Magneto-Optical Stark Effect in Fe-Doped CdS Nanocrystals (Mostra >>)
Neural precursors cells expanded in a 3D micro-engineered niche present enhanced therapeutic efficacy in vivo (Mostra >>)
Non-equilibrium band broadening, gap renormalization and band inversion in black phosphorus (Mostra >>)
Optical parametric amplification by monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides (Mostra >>)
Optical tuning of dielectric nanoantennas for thermo-optically reconfigurable nonlinear metasurfaces (Mostra >>)
Permanent Dipole Moments Enhance Electronic Coupling and Singlet Fission in Pentacene (Mostra >>)
Phonon-Mediated Interlayer Charge Separation and Recombination in a MoSe2/WSe2Heterostructure (Mostra >>)
Phototoxicity induced in living HeLa cells by focused femtosecond laser pulses: a data-driven approach (Mostra >>)
Plasmonic control of drug release efficiency in agarose gel loaded with gold nanoparticle assemblies (Mostra >>)
Removal of cross-phase modulation artifacts in ultrafast pump-probe dynamics by deep learning (Mostra >>)
Roadmap on bio-nano-photonics (Mostra >>)
Roadmap on multimode light shaping (Mostra >>)
Singlet Fission in Dideuterated Tetracene and Pentacene (Mostra >>)
The Role of Acidic Residues in the C Terminal Tail of the LHCSR3 Protein of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii in Non-Photochemical Quenching (Mostra >>)
The nuclear import of the transcription factor MyoD is reduced in mesenchymal stem cells grown in a 3D micro-engineered niche (Mostra >>)
The path toward quantum advantage in optical spectroscopy of materials (Mostra >>)
Tracking excited state decay mechanisms of pyrimidine nucleosides in real time (Mostra >>)
Tunable broadband light emission from graphene (Mostra >>)
Ultrafast Charge Carrier Dynamics in CuWO4 Photoanodes (Mostra >>)
Ultrafast Transient Holographic Microscopy (Mostra >>)
Ultrafast electron hole relaxation dynamics in CdS nanocrystals (Mostra >>)
Ultrafast evolution of bulk, surface and surface resonance states in photoexcited $$hbox {Bi}_{2}hbox {Te}_{3}$$ (Mostra >>)
Ultrafast, All Optically Reconfigurable, Nonlinear Nanoantenna (Mostra >>)
Unified Description of Ultrafast Excited State Decay Processes in Epigenetic Deoxycytidine Derivatives (Mostra >>)
Unusually Fast bis-Histidyl Coordination in a Plant Hemoglobin (Mostra >>)
Vibrational imaging for label-free cancer diagnosis and classification (Mostra >>)
Vibronic dynamics resolved by global and target analysis of ultrafast transient absorption spectra (Mostra >>)
Visualizing Ultrafast Electron Transfer Processes in Semiconductor–Metal Hybrid Nanoparticles: Toward Excitonic–Plasmonic Light Harvesting (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2020 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Contributo in Atti di convegno
3D nichoid substrates affect mesenchymal stem cell morphology and euchromatin organization (Mostra >>)
Energy Transfer pathways in PSI-LHCI probed by Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy (Mostra >>)
Heteromolecular exciton delocalization and heterofission in tetracene – pentacene blends (Mostra >>)
High-Speed and Low-Noise Multichannel System for Broadband Coherent Raman Imaging (Mostra >>)
Tracking Ultrafast Charge Separation in a PBI-based Biomimetic Complex for Oxygen Evolution (Mostra >>)
Ultrafast Broadband Dichroism by Transient Optical Symmetry Breaking in Plasmonic Metasurfaces (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
A novel spectroscopic window on conical intersections in biomolecules (Mostra >>)
Broadband stimulated Raman scattering microscopy with wavelength‐scanning detection (Mostra >>)
Characterization of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation within Miniaturized 3D Scaffolds through Advanced Microscopy Techniques (Mostra >>)
Coherent phonons and the interplay between charge density wave and Mott phases in 1T−TaSe2 (Mostra >>)
Conformable Nanowire-in-Nanofiber Hybrids for Low-Threshold Optical Gain in the Ultraviolet (Mostra >>)
Effect of the 3D Artificial Nichoid on the Morphology and Mechanobiological Response of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Cultured In Vitro (Mostra >>)
Evolutionary divergence of photoprotection in the green algal lineage: a plant-like violaxanthin de-epoxidase enzyme activates the xanthophyll cycle in the green alga Chlorella vulgaris modulating photoprotection (Mostra >>)
Harvesting Delayed Fluorescence in Perovskite Nanocrystals Using Spin-Forbidden Mn d States (Mostra >>)
How Exciton Interactions Control Spin-Depolarization in Layered Hybrid Perovskites (Mostra >>)
Modulating the Electronic and Solid-State Structure of Organic Semiconductors by Site-Specific Substitution: The Case of Tetrafluoropentacenes (Mostra >>)
Nonlinear Optical Microscopy: From Fundamentals to Applications in Live Bioimaging (Mostra >>)
Removing non-resonant background from CARS spectra via deep learning (Mostra >>)
Role of matrix elements in the time-resolved photoemission signal (Mostra >>)
Singlet Heterofission in Tetracene–Pentacene Thin-Film Blends (Mostra >>)
Strongly Coupled Coherent Phonons in Single-Layer MoS2 (Mostra >>)
Sub-cycle millijoule-level parametric waveform synthesizer for attosecond science (Mostra >>)
Superior mechanical and optical properties of a heterogeneous library of cross-linked biomimetic self-assembling peptides (Mostra >>)
The ultrafast onset of exciton formation in 2D semiconductors (Mostra >>)
Time-domain photocurrent spectroscopy based on a common-path birefringent interferometer (Mostra >>)
Tracking attosecond electronic coherences using phase-manipulated extreme ultraviolet pulses (Mostra >>)
Transient optical symmetry breaking for ultrafast broadband dichroism in plasmonic metasurfaces (Mostra >>)
Tuning the Ultrafast Response of Fano Resonances in Halide Perovskite Nanoparticles (Mostra >>)
Ultrafast Dynamics of Nonrigid Zinc-Porphyrin Arrays Mimicking the Photosynthetic "Special Pair" (Mostra >>)
Ultrafast Photophysics of 2D Semiconductors and Related Heterostructures (Mostra >>)
Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Photoactive Molecular Systems from First Principles: Where We Stand Today and Where We Are Going (Mostra >>)
Ultrafast excited-state dynamics in land plants Photosystem I core and whole supercomplex under oxidised electron donor conditions (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2019 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Abstract in Atti di convegno
Characterization of Stem Cell Differentiation in a 3D Nichoid Scaffold Through Label-free Multimodal Microscopy (Mostra >>)
Miniaturized Imaging Window for Intravital Nonlinear Microscopy (Mostra >>)
UHV Ultrafast Scanning Electron Microscopy (Mostra >>)
Controllo geometrico della riprogrammazione cellulare (Mostra >>)
Fourier-transform hyperspectral imaging system (Mostra >>)
Contributo in Atti di convegno
A hyperspectral camera based on a birefringent ultrastable common-path interferometer (Mostra >>)
A hyperspectral camera for conservation science, based on a birefringent ultrastable common path interferometer (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
A Unified Experimental/Theoretical Description of the Ultrafast Photophysics of Single and Double Thionated Uracils (Mostra >>)
A hyperspectral microscope based on an ultrastable common-path interferometer (Mostra >>)
Coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy of single and multi-layer graphene (Mostra >>)
Dark Subgap States in Metal-Halide Perovskites Revealed by Coherent Multidimensional Spectroscopy (Mostra >>)
Exciton Trapping Dynamics in DNA Multimers (Mostra >>)
Excitonic and lattice contributions to the charge density wave in 1T−TiSe2 revealed by a phonon bottleneck (Mostra >>)
Hot Electrons Modulation of Third-Harmonic Generation in Graphene (Mostra >>)
Hyperspectral imaging with a TWINS birefringent interferometer (Mostra >>)
In Operando Photoelectrochemical Femtosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy of WO3/BiVO4 Heterojunctions (Mostra >>)
Laser-driven quantum magnonics and terahertz dynamics of the order parameter in antiferromagnets (Mostra >>)
Light–heat conversion dynamics in highly diversified water-dispersed hydrophobic nanocrystal assemblies (Mostra >>)
Modeling the Ultrafast Response of Two-Magnon Raman Excitations in Antiferromagnets on the Femtosecond Timescale (Mostra >>)
Molecular Mechanisms of Nonphotochemical Quenching in the LHCSR3 Protein of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (Mostra >>)
Multi-foci laser microfabrication of 3D polymeric scaffolds for stem cell expansion in regenerative medicine (Mostra >>)
Photocatalytic activity of exfoliated graphite-TiO2 nanoparticle composites (Mostra >>)
Pump–Push–Probe for Ultrafast All-Optical Switching: The Case of a Nanographene Molecule (Mostra >>)
Regioselective Hydrogenation of a 60-Carbon Nanographene Molecule toward a Circumbiphenyl Core (Mostra >>)
Single-molecule excitation-emission spectroscopy (Mostra >>)
Stimulated Raman Scattering Microscopy with an All-Optical Modulator (Mostra >>)
Tailoring optical properties and stimulated emission in nanostructured polythiophene (Mostra >>)
Transient Species Mediating Energy Transfer to Spin-Forbidden Mn d States in II-VI Semiconductor Quantum Dots (Mostra >>)
Two-dimensional UV spectroscopy: A new insight into the structure and dynamics of biomolecules (Mostra >>)
Ultrafast Spectroscopy: State of the Art and Open Challenges (Mostra >>)
Ultrafast free carrier dynamics in black phosphorus-molybdenum disulfide (BP/MoS2) heterostructures (Mostra >>)
Ultrafast lasers: From femtoseconds to attoseconds (Mostra >>)
Ultrafast nonequilibrium dynamics of strongly coupled resonances in the intrinsic cavity of WS2 nanotubes (Mostra >>)
Versatile Control of Be+ 9 Ions Using a Spectrally Tailored UV Frequency Comb (Mostra >>)
Vibrational phase imaging by stimulated Raman scattering via polarization-division interferometry (Mostra >>)
π-Extended Pyrene-Fused Double [7]Carbohelicene as a Chiral Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2018 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Abstract in Atti di convegno
Laser assisted Ultrafast Scanning Electron Microscopy (USEM) probing surface charge dynamics in oxide thin films (Mostra >>)
Ultrafast Scanning Electron Microscopy (USEM) to probe charge dynamics at surfaces of oxide thin films (Mostra >>)
Ultrafast Scanning Electron Microscopy (USEM) to probe charge dynamics in oxide thin films (Mostra >>)
A birefringent interferometer for measuring photoluminescence properties of samples (Mostra >>)
Implantable medical device (Mostra >>)
Laser device (Mostra >>)
Sistema di imaging iperspettrale a trasformata di Fourier (Mostra >>)
Contributi su volumi (Capitolo o Saggio)
Optical parametric amplifiers (Mostra >>)
Contributo in Atti di convegno
A Hyperspectral Camera for Remote Sensing based on a Birefringent Ultrastable Common-Path Interferometer (Mostra >>)
Direct time-domain observation of ultrafast exciton formation in monolayer MoS2 (Mostra >>)
Effect of nichoid substrates on the morphology of adhering mesenchymal stem cells (Mostra >>)
Effect of the nichoid substrate on mesenchymal stem cell structure and function (Mostra >>)
Miniaturized Imaging Window for Intravital Nonlinear Microscopy: Preliminary Results (Mostra >>)
Nanotechnological challenges in application of two-photon polymerization to biology (Mostra >>)
Nuclear internalization kinetics of a permeable fluorescent dye in cell nuclei of different shape (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
Broadband Coherent Raman Scattering Microscopy (Mostra >>)
Broadband nonlinear optical response of monolayer MoSe2under ultrafast excitation (Mostra >>)
Broadband, electrically tunable third-harmonic generation in graphene (Mostra >>)
Charge Carrier Dynamics in Photocatalytic Hybrid Semiconductor-Metal Nanorods: Crossover from Auger Recombination to Charge Transfer (Mostra >>)
Charge dynamics in aluminum oxide thin film studied by ultrafast scanning electron microscopy (Mostra >>)
Charge trapping and coalescence dynamics in few layer MoS2 (Mostra >>)
Electrostatic Tuning of the Ligand Binding Mechanism by Glu27 in Nitrophorin 7 (Mostra >>)
Intravalley Spin-Flip Relaxation Dynamics in Single-Layer WS2 (Mostra >>)
Intrinsic Properties of Single Graphene Nanoribbons in Solution: Synthetic and Spectroscopic Studies (Mostra >>)
Invited Article: Complex vibrational susceptibility by interferometric Fourier transform stimulated Raman scattering (Mostra >>)
Linear absorption spectra of solvated thiouracils resolved at the hybrid RASPT2/MM level (Mostra >>)
Mechanical Vibrations of Atomically Defined Metal Clusters: From Nano- to Molecular-Size Oscillators (Mostra >>)
Multimodal nonlinear microscope based on a compact fiber-format laser source (Mostra >>)
Observation of the Sub-100 Femtosecond Population of a Dark State in a Thiobase Mediating Intersystem Crossing (Mostra >>)
Out-of-plane heat transfer in van der Waals stacks through electron-hyperbolic phonon coupling (Mostra >>)
Picosecond Capture of Photoexcited Electrons Improves Photovoltaic Conversion in MAPbI3:C70-Doped Planar and Mesoporous Solar Cells (Mostra >>)
Probing femtosecond lattice displacement upon photo-carrier generation in lead halide perovskite (Mostra >>)
Raman spectroscopy of graphene under ultrafast laser excitation (Mostra >>)
Resonant broadband stimulated Raman scattering in myoglobin (Mostra >>)
Robust singlet fission in pentacene thin films with tuned charge transfer interactions (Mostra >>)
Simultaneous Detection of Local Polarizability and Viscosity by a Single Fluorescent Probe in Cells (Mostra >>)
Solution processable and optically switchable 1D photonic structures (Mostra >>)
Surface state dynamics of topological insulators investigated by femtosecond time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (Mostra >>)
Time- and frequency-resolved fluorescence with a single TCSPC detector via a Fourier-transform approach (Mostra >>)
Time-domain measurement of optical activity by an ultrastable common-path interferometer (Mostra >>)
Tunable few-optical cycle pulses and advanced ultrafast spectroscopic techniques (Mostra >>)
UV-Light-Induced Vibrational Coherences: The Key to Understand Kasha Rule Violation in trans -Azobenzene (Mostra >>)
Ultrafast Carotenoid to Retinal Energy Transfer in Xanthorhodopsin Revealed by the Combination of Transient Absorption and Two‐Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy (Mostra >>)
Ultrafast relaxation dynamics in a polymer: fullerene blend for organic photovoltaics probed by two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy (Mostra >>)
Ultraviolet transient absorption spectrometer with Sub-20-fs time resolution (Mostra >>)
Universal saturation behavior in the transient optical response of plasmonic structures (Mostra >>)
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