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Information on didactic, research and institutional assignments on this page are certified by the University; more information, prepared by the professor, are available on the personal web page and in the curriculum vitae indicated on this webpage.
Information on professor
ProfessorCigada Alfredo
QualificationFull professor full time
Belonging DepartmentDipartimento di Meccanica
Scientific-Disciplinary SectorING-IND/12 - Mechanical And Thermal Measurements
Curriculum VitaeDownload CV (198.52Kb - 24/12/2012)

Professor's office hours
MECCANICA----WednesdayFrom 15:00
To 17:00
02-2399.8487--Sede del Ricevimento: Campus Bovisa
Professor's personal website--

Data source: RE.PUBLIC@POLIMI - Research Publications at Politecnico di Milano

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2023 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Conference proceedings
Anomaly Detection Through Long-Term SHM: Some Interesting Cases on Bridges (Show >>)
Concrete Bridges Continuous SHM Using MEMS Sensors: Anomaly Detection for Preventive Maintenance (Show >>)
Damage Detection Using Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms for Real-World Engineering Structures (Show >>)
Data Driven Damage Detection Strategy Under Uncontrolled Environment (Show >>)
Fiber Bragg Gratings embedded inside 3D-printed Patches – sensor design and mechanical characterization (Show >>)
Metrological Evaluation of New Industrial SHM Systems Based on MEMS and Microcontrollers (Show >>)
Preliminary Results on the Plantar Flexion during Grand-Plié in Ballet Dancing with Inertial Measurement Units (Show >>)
Journal Articles
Effect of Environmental Parameters on Structural Health Status Assessment Using OMA Techniques (Show >>)
Experimental analysis on the exploding wire process for nanopowder production: Influence of initial energy and exploding atmosphere (Show >>)
Order calibrated functional beamforming for constant mainlobe width (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2022 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Chiave dinamometrica provvista di dispositivo di rilevazione degli ostacoli e di corretta impugnatura (Show >>)
Contributions on scientific books
New Sensor Nodes, Cloud, and Data Analytics: Case Studies on Large Scale SHM Systems (Show >>)
Vibration-Based Damage Feature for Long-Term Structural Health Monitoring Under Realistic Environmental and Operational Variability (Show >>)
Conference proceedings
Analysis on the plié and grand plié in classical ballet with magneto-inertial measurement units (Show >>)
Distributed Home Labs at the Time of the Covid (Show >>)
Journal Articles
A Damage Detection Approach for Axially Loaded Beam-like Structures Based on Gaussian Mixture Model (Show >>)
A cointegration-based approach for automatic anomalies detection in large-scale structures (Show >>)
A vibration-based approach for health monitoring of tie-rods under uncertain environmental conditions (Show >>)
Automatic Detection of Real Damage in Operating Tie‐Rods (Show >>)
Combined Use of Cointegration Analysis and Robust Outlier Statistics to Improve Damage Detection in Real-World Structures (Show >>)
Effects of environmental vibration on ancient stained-glass windows (Show >>)
Experimental Validation of a Vision-Based Technique to Estimate the Crowd Loading on Stadium Grandstands (Show >>)
Low-Cost and High-Performance Solution for Positioning and Monitoring of Large Structures (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2021 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Recensioni su riviste
Introductory notes for the Acta IMEKO Special Issue on the XXIX Italian National Congress on Mechanical and Thermal Measurements (Show >>)
Contributions on scientific books
La «Pietà Rondanini»: conservazione e tecnologia per la nuova esposizione (Show >>)
Vibration Response-Based Damage Detection (Show >>)
Conference proceedings
A damage detection strategy on bridge external tendons through long-time monitoring (Show >>)
Effect of image acquisition and processing parameters on the estimation of crowd-induced dynamic loading on stadium grandstands (Show >>)
Structural health monitoring of a damaged operating bridge: Asupervised learning case study (Show >>)
Scientific Books
Progettazione e realizzazione di un sistema di isolamento sismico per la Vittoria Alata (Show >>)
Journal Articles
A 3D Printed Ti6Al4V Alloy Uniaxial Capacitive Accelerometer (Show >>)
An output-only ARX model-based sensor fusion framework on structural dynamic measurements using distributed optical fiber sensors and fiber Bragg grating sensors (Show >>)
Characterisation of glue behaviour under thermal and mechanical stress conditions (Show >>)
Il nuovo sistema di monitoraggio della copertura dello stadio G. Meazza a Milano (Show >>)
Protecting Pietà Rondanini against Environmental Vibrations with Structural Restoration Works (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2020 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Contributions on scientific books
Vibration protection of cultural heritage objects (Show >>)
Conference proceedings
A large scale SHM system: A case study on pre-stressed bridge and cloud architecture (Show >>)
Fiber Optic Sensors for Distributed and Quasi-distributed Temperature Measurement (Show >>)
Large structures natural frequencies estimation using a limited number of sensors (Show >>)
Measuring the dynamic response of a lively footbridge to ambient and walking excitation (Show >>)
Monitoring of environmental and sound-induced vibrations on artistic stained glasses (Show >>)
Quantitative Study on the Modal Parameters Estimated Using the PLSCF and the MITD Methods and an Automated Modal Analysis Algorithm (Show >>)
Journal Articles
An analytical perspective about structural damage identification based on transmissibility function (Show >>)
Critical measurement issues in the use of wire potentiometers for the structural health monitoring of slender structures: the case of the Duomo di Milano main spire (Show >>)
Spatially resolved thermometry during laser ablation in tissues: Distributed and quasi-distributed fiber optic-based sensing (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2019 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Conference proceedings
A global approach for scaling the mode shapes estimated by operational modal analysis (Show >>)
High speed vision system for the dynamic characterization of 3D printed sensors (Show >>)
Journal Articles
Calibrating static measurement data from distributed fiber optics by the integration of limited FBG sensors based on the extended kernel regression method (Show >>)
Global scaling of operational modal analysis modes with the OMAH method (Show >>)
Il monitoraggio delle grandi strutture – dalla diagnosi alla prognosi (Show >>)
On the design of force sensors based on frustrated total internal reflection (Show >>)
Scour at river bridge piers: real-time vulnerability assessment through the continuous monitoring of a bridge over the river Po, Italy (Show >>)
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