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Le informazioni sulla didattica, sulla ricerca e sui compiti istituzionali riportate in questa pagina sono certificate dall'Ateneo; ulteriori informazioni, redatte a cura del docente, sono disponibili sulla pagina web personale e nel curriculum vitae indicati nella scheda.
Informazioni sul docente
DocenteResnati Giuseppe
QualificaProfessore ordinario a tempo pieno
Dipartimento d'afferenzaDipartimento di Chimica, Materiali e Ingegneria Chimica "Giulio Natta"
Settore Scientifico DisciplinareCHIM/07 - Fondamenti Chimici Delle Tecnologie
Curriculum VitaeScarica il CV (93.27Kb - 14/01/2021)

Orario di ricevimento
Chimica, MAteriali, Ingegneria Chimica--5.2.20LunedìDalle 14:30
Alle 16:30
Pagina web redatta a cura del docentehttp://nfmlab.chem.polimi.it/

Fonte dati: RE.PUBLIC@POLIMI - Research Publications at Politecnico di Milano

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2024 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Articoli su riviste
Osme Bond: Geometric and Energetic Features in the Adducts between OsO4 and Lewis Bases (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2023 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Articoli su riviste
Benzothienoiodolium Cations Doubly Bonded to Anions via Halogen-Chalcogen and Halogen-Hydrogen Supramolecular Synthons (Mostra >>)
Chalcogen Bonding (ChB) as a Robust Supramolecular Recognition Motif of Benzisothiazolinone Antibacterials (Mostra >>)
Chalcogen and Hydrogen Bond Team up in Driving Anion⋅⋅⋅Anion Self-Assembly (Mostra >>)
Erythronium Bonds: Noncovalent Interactions Involving Group 5 Elements as Electron Density Acceptors (Mostra >>)
Fluoride Anions: Unexploited but Effective Halogen Bond Acceptors (Mostra >>)
Geminal Charge-Assisted Tetrel Bonds in Bis-Pyridinium Methylene Salts (Mostra >>)
Group-10 π-hole⋯dz2[MII] interactions: a theoretical study of model systems inspired by CSD structures (Mostra >>)
Halogen Bonding Assembles Anion⋅⋅⋅Anion Architectures in Non-centrosymmetric Iodate and Bromate Crystals (Mostra >>)
Non-covalent matere bonds in perrhenates probed via ultrahigh field rhenium-185/187 NMR and zero-field NQR spectroscopy (Mostra >>)
Systematic Study of Podand Molecules for Synergistic Halogen and Hydrogen Bond-Driven Anion Recognition in the Solid State (Mostra >>)
Weak Bonds, Strong Effects: Enhancing the Separation Performance of UiO-66 toward Chlorobenzenes via Halogen Bonding (Mostra >>)
σ‐Hole interactions in organometallic catalysts: the case of methyltrioxorhenium(VII) (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2022 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Abstract in Rivista
Anion–anion self-assembly via Matere bond and other σ-hole interactions (Mostra >>)
Chalcogen bond in bioactive compounds (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
Chalcogen and Hydrogen Bonds at the Periphery of Arylhydrazone Metal Complexes (Mostra >>)
Chalcogen bonding in coordination chemistry (Mostra >>)
Controlled Halogen-Bond-Involving Assembly of Double-sigma-Hole-Donating Diaryliodonium Cations and Ditopic Arene Sulfonates (Mostra >>)
Diaryliodonium Tetracyanidometallates Self-Assemble into Halogen-Bonded Square-Like Arrays (Mostra >>)
Expanding the toolbox of the coinage bond: adducts involving new gold(iii) derivatives and bioactive molecules (Mostra >>)
Periodate anions as a halogen bond donor: formation of anion⋯anion dimers and other adducts (Mostra >>)
Stacking Interactions: A Supramolecular Approach to Upgrade Weak Halogen Bond Donors (Mostra >>)
The N,N,N-trimethylammonium moiety as tetrel bond donor site: crystallographic and computational studies (Mostra >>)
Thiazolium Salts as Chalcogen Bond Donors (Mostra >>)
Zwitterionic iodonium species afford halogen bond-based porous organic frameworks (Mostra >>)
σ-Hole Interactions Involving a Group 7 Metal: Close Contacts in Neutral and Anionic Rhenium Derivatives (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2021 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Abstract in Rivista
Gold(III) as an effective electrophilic site, namely coinage bond donor: assembly of AuCl4 − units into supramolecular anionic polymers (Mostra >>)
Osme bond: anisotropic distribution of electron density in action (Mostra >>)
Seleninic acids as chalcogen-bond donors: a molecular insight of GPx activity (Mostra >>)
Tetrel bond: dipyridyl methylene as a donor site (Mostra >>)
The N-methylammonium moiety: a tetrel bond donor site (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
Anion⋅⋅⋅Anion Coinage Bonds: The Case of Tetrachloridoaurate (Mostra >>)
Anion⋅⋅⋅Anion Interactions Involving σ-Holes of Perrhenate, Pertechnetate and Permanganate Anions (Mostra >>)
Chalcogen Bonds Involving Selenium in Protein Structures (Mostra >>)
Chalcogen Bonds in Selenocysteine Seleninic Acid, a Functional GPx Constituent, and in Other Seleninic or Sulfinic Acid Derivatives (Mostra >>)
Diaryliodonium Tetrachloroplatinates(II): Recognition of a Trifurcated Metal-Involving μ3-I···(Cl,Cl,Pt) Halogen Bond (Mostra >>)
Dissecting the packing forces in mixed perfluorocarbon/aromatic co-crystals (Mostra >>)
Molecular Electrostatic Potential and Noncovalent Interactions in Derivatives of Group 8 Elements (Mostra >>)
Open versus Interpenetrated: Switchable Supramolecular Trajectories in Mechanosynthesis of a Halogen-Bonded Borromean Network (Mostra >>)
Tetrel and Pnictogen Bonds Complement Hydrogen and Halogen Bonds in Framing the Interactional Landscape of Barbituric Acids (Mostra >>)
Tuning of Ionic Liquid Crystal Properties by Combining Halogen Bonding and Fluorous Effect (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2020 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Nota a sentenza
Proton in a Confined Space: Structural Studies of H+⊂Crypt-111 Iodide and Some Halogen-Bonded Derivatives (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
4,4′-Dipyridyl Dioxide·SbF3 Cocrystal: Pnictogen Bond Prevails over Halogen and Hydrogen Bonds in Driving Self-Assembly (Mostra >>)
Binding motif of ebselen in solution: Chalcogen and hydrogen bonds team up (Mostra >>)
C(sp3) atoms as tetrel bond donors: A crystallographic survey (Mostra >>)
Celebrating 150 years from Mendeleev: The Periodic Table of Chemical Interactions (Mostra >>)
Charge-Assisted Chalcogen Bonds: CSD and DFT Analyses and Biological Implication in Glucosidase Inhibitors (Mostra >>)
Enhanced self-assembly of the 7–12 sequence of amyloid-β peptide by tyrosine bromination (Mostra >>)
Halogenation of the N-Terminus Tyrosine 10 Promotes Supramolecular Stabilization of the Amyloid-beta Sequence 7-12 (Mostra >>)
Pnictogen bonding in coordination chemistry (Mostra >>)
Radical⋯radical chalcogen bonds: CSD analysis and DFT calculations (Mostra >>)
Resonance Assisted Chalcogen Bonding as a New Synthon in the Design of Dyes (Mostra >>)
The Relevance of Size Matching in Self-assembly: Impact on Regio- and Chemoselective Cocrystallizations (Mostra >>)
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