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Information on didactic, research and institutional assignments on this page are certified by the University; more information, prepared by the lecturer, are available on the personal web page and in the curriculum vitae indicated on this webpage.
LecturerDe Momi Elena
QualificationAssociate professor full time
Belonging DepartmentDipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria
Scientific-Disciplinary SectorING-INF/06 - Electronic And Informatics Bioengineering
Curriculum VitaeDownload CV (224.91Kb - 07/01/2022)

Office hoursOffice hours is not available yet
Personal websitehttp://www.nearlab.polimi.it

Data source: RE.PUBLIC@POLIMI - Research Publications at Politecnico di Milano

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2024 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Abstract in Rivista
Abstract in Atti di convegno
Advancing Focused Ultrasound surgery through Robotics, Simulation, and Augmented Reality: the FUtuRo project (Show >>)
Augmented Reality Assisted Robotic Endovascular Surgery: A Pilot Study (Show >>)
Deep learning-based tumor resectability prediction model in patients with ovarian cancer: a preliminary evaluation (Show >>)
Mixed Reality in Cardiac Surgery: Towards a Training Simulator for Mitral Valve Repair Intervention (Show >>)
Conference proceedings
A Multipurpose Interface for Close- and Far-Proximity Control of Mobile Collaborative Robots (Show >>)
A Personalizable Controller for the Walking Assistive omNi-Directional Exo-Robot (WANDER) (Show >>)
Toward a framework integrating augmented reality and virtual fixtures for safer robot-assisted lymphadenectomy (Show >>)
Journal Articles
Augmented Reality and Human-Robot Collaboration Framework for Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: System Design, Implementation, and Performance Metrics (Show >>)
Hybrid Tracking Module for Real-Time Tool Tracking for an Autonomous Exoscope (Show >>)
Optimization-Based Variable Impedance Control of Robotic Manipulator for Medical Contact Tasks (Show >>)
Path Tracking Control of a Steerable Catheter in Transcatheter Cardiology Interventions (Show >>)
Placental vessel segmentation and registration in fetoscopy: Literature review and MICCAI FetReg2021 challenge findings (Show >>)
Robotic systems for upper-limb rehabilitation in multiple sclerosis: a SWOT analysis and the synergies with virtual and augmented environments (Show >>)
Spatio-temporal layers based intra-operative stereo depth estimation network via hierarchical prediction and progressive training (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2023 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Abstract in Atti di convegno
3D Reconstruction and Segmentation in Laparoscopic Robotic Surgery (Show >>)
A Benchmark Study on Deep Learning Methods for Tool Detection in Microsurgery (Show >>)
Augmented Reality and Shared Control Framework for Robot-Assisted Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (Show >>)
Fast path replanning in a dynamic environment in percutaneous cardiac interventions (Show >>)
Improving Brain Surgery: A Visual-Servoing Robotic Camera Control System for Enhanced Ergonomics (Show >>)
Optimization-Based Variable Impedance Control of Robotic Manipulator for Medical Scanning Task (Show >>)
Toward an Active Omnilateral Walking Support Robotic System (Show >>)
Optimizing Heart Valve Surgery with Model-Free Catheter Control (Show >>)
Conference proceedings
Augmented Reality-Assisted Robot Learning Framework for Minimally Invasive Surgery Task (Show >>)
Human-Centered Functional Task Design for Robotic Upper-Limb Rehabilitation (Show >>)
Impact-Friendly Object Catching at Non-Zero Velocity Based on Combined Optimization and Learning (Show >>)
RARPL6: Development of a clinical dataset for surgical workflow recognition from robot-assisted radical prostatectomy with lymphadenectomy (Show >>)
Reducing Workload during Brain Surgery with Robot-Assisted Autonomous Exoscope (Show >>)
Journal Articles
Autonomous Navigation for Robot-Assisted Intraluminal and Endovascular Procedures: A Systematic Review (Show >>)
Deep learning-based overall survival prediction model in patients with rare cancer: a case study for primary central nervous system lymphoma (Show >>)
FRSR: Framework for real-time scene reconstruction in robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery (Show >>)
FUN-SIS: A Fully UNsupervised approach for Surgical Instrument Segmentation (Show >>)
GRACE: Online Gesture Recognition for Autonomous Camera-Motion Enhancement in Robot-Assisted Surgery (Show >>)
Maximising Coefficiency of Human-Robot Handovers through Reinforcement Learning (Show >>)
Radiomics-Based Machine Learning Model for Predicting Overall and Progression-Free Survival in Rare Cancer: A Case Study for Primary CNS Lymphoma Patients (Show >>)
Recent Advancements in Augmented Reality for Robotic Applications: A Survey (Show >>)
Semi-Supervised Bladder Tissue Classification in Multi-Domain Endoscopic Images (Show >>)
Toward a navigation framework for fetoscopy (Show >>)
Towards Exoscope Automation in Neurosurgery: A Markerless Visual-Servoing Approach (Show >>)
Uncertainty-Aware Self-Supervised Learning for Cross-Domain Technical Skill Assessment in Robot-Assisted Surgery (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2022 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Abstract in Atti di convegno
3D intra-operative scene reconstruction framework in robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery (Show >>)
Actuation and Control of a Steerable Catheter for Mitral Valve Repair (Show >>)
Augmented Reality and Robotic Navigation System for Spinal Surgery (Show >>)
Design of a Mixed Reality Environment for the extrapolation of Reference Trajectories in Upper-Limb Rehabilitation (Show >>)
Envisioning Robotic Exoscope: Concept and Preliminary Results (Show >>)
Inverse Reinforcement Learning algorithm for intra-vascular and intra-cardiac catheter’s navigation in Minimally Invasive Surgery (Show >>)
Multi-level-assistance Robotic Platform for Navigation in the Urinary System: Design and Preliminary Tests (Show >>)
Proof-of-Concept Medical Robotic Platform for Endovascular Catheterization (Show >>)
Recovering 3D information of human soft tissue using stereo endoscopic images (Show >>)
Simulation of Deformable Vasculature for Robot-assisted Endovascular Catheterization (Show >>)
Towards an autonomous robotic platform for percutaneous procedures (Show >>)
Conference proceedings
A Multi-Body Model of an upper-limb prosthesis for grip force estimation and related object interaction application (Show >>)
A Physical Simulator Integrated with Soft Sensors for Mastering Tissue Manipulation in Robotic Surgery (Show >>)
A Unity-based Da Vinci Robot Simulator for Surgical Training (Show >>)
A new robot-based proprioceptive training algorithm to induce sensorimotor enhancement in the human wrist (Show >>)
A virtual suturing task: proof of concept for awareness in autonomous camera motion (Show >>)
An Easy and User Independent Augmented Reality Based Navigation System for Radiation-Free Interventional Procedure (Show >>)
Autonomous Intraluminal Navigation of a Soft Robot using Deep-Learning-based Visual Servoing (Show >>)
Deep-Learning Architectures for Placenta Vessel Segmentation in TTTS Fetoscopic Images (Show >>)
Hri30: An action recognition dataset for industrial human-robot interaction (Show >>)
Improving Surgical Robotics Training with Haptic Virtual Fixtures: An Experimental Study (Show >>)
Mixed Reality and Deep Learning for External Ventricular Drainage Placement: A Fast and Automatic Workflow for Emergency Treatments (Show >>)
Open-VICO: An Open-Source Gazebo Toolkit for Vision-based Skeleton Tracking in Human-Robot Collaboration (Show >>)
Robot Trajectory Adaptation to Optimise the Trade-off between Human Cognitive Ergonomics and Workplace Productivity in Collaborative Tasks (Show >>)
Robotic Actuation and Control of A Catheter for Structural Intervention Cardiology (Show >>)
Sociable and ergonomic human-robot collaboration through action recognition and augmented hierarchical quadratic programming (Show >>)
Journal Articles
A Hybrid Learning and Optimization Framework to Achieve Physically Interactive Tasks With Mobile Manipulators (Show >>)
A Study on the Dexterity of Surgical Robotic Tools in a Highly Immersive Virtual Environment: Assessing Usability and Efficacy (Show >>)
An Incremental Learning Framework for Human-like Redundancy Optimization of Anthropomorphic Manipulators (Show >>)
An Online Framework for Cognitive Load Assessment in Industrial Tasks (Show >>)
An adaptive compliance Hierarchical Quadratic Programming controller for ergonomic human–robot collaboration (Show >>)
Autonomous robotic surgery makes light work of anastomosis (Show >>)
Design, Computational Modelling and Experimental Characterization of Bistable Hybrid Soft Actuators for a Controllable-Compliance Joint of an Exoskeleton Rehabilitation Robot (Show >>)
EMG-driven control in lower limb prostheses: a topic-based systematic review (Show >>)
Learning cooperative dynamic manipulation skills from human demonstration videos (Show >>)
Learning intraoperative organ manipulation with context-based reinforcement learning (Show >>)
Lesion segmentation in lung CT scans using unsupervised adversarial learning (Show >>)
Multimodal data fusion framework enhanced robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery (Show >>)
Pick the Right Co-Worker: Online Assessment of Cognitive Ergonomics in Human-Robot Collaborative Assembly (Show >>)
Position-based dynamics simulator of vessel deformations for path planning in robotic endovascular catheterization (Show >>)
Real-time vessel segmentation and reconstruction for virtual fixtures for an active handheld microneurosurgical instrument (Show >>)
Robot-assisted ex vivo neobladder reconstruction: preliminary results of surgical skill evaluation (Show >>)
Teleoperation Control of an Underactuated Bionic Hand: Comparison between Wearable and Vision-Tracking-Based Methods (Show >>)
Validation of SART 3.5D algorithm for cerebrovascular dynamics and artery versus vein classification in presurgical 3D digital subtraction angiographies (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2021 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Abstract in Atti di convegno
Comparison of different CNNs for breast tumor classification from ultrasound images (Show >>)
Towards solving path planning in keyhole neurosurgery with answer set programming (Show >>)
Development of a virtual simulator for endovascular catheterization training (Show >>)
Contributions on scientific books
Learned Task Space Control to Reduce the Effort in Controlling Redundant Surgical Robots (Show >>)
Conference proceedings
A Human-Aware Method to Plan Complex Cooperative and Autonomous Tasks using Behavior Trees (Show >>)
A Reconfigurable Interface for Ergonomic and Dynamic Tele-Locomanipulation (Show >>)
Active learning strategy of finger flexion tracking using sEMG for robot hand control (Show >>)
An integrated dynamic method for allocating roles and planning tasks for mixed human-robot teams (Show >>)
Augmented Hierarchical Quadratic Programming for Adaptive Compliance Robot Control (Show >>)
Model-to-Image Registration via Deep Learning towards Image-Guided Endovascular Interventions (Show >>)
NephCNN: A deep-learning framework for vessel segmentation in nephrectomy laparoscopic videos (Show >>)
Optimized 3D path planner for steerable catheters with deductive reasoning (Show >>)
Whole-body spatial teleoperation control of a hexapod robot in unstructured environment (Show >>)
Journal Articles
A Comparative Study of Spatio-Temporal U-Nets for Tissue Segmentation in Surgical Robotics (Show >>)
A Kinematic Bottleneck Approach for Pose Regression of Flexible Surgical Instruments Directly from Images (Show >>)
A novel autonomous learning framework to enhance sEMG-based hand gesture recognition using depth information (Show >>)
A shape-constraint adversarial framework with instance-normalized spatio-temporal features for inter-fetal membrane segmentation (Show >>)
An Evolutionary-Optimized Surgical Path Planner for a Programmable Bevel-Tip Needle (Show >>)
An Open-Source COVID-19 CT Dataset with Automatic Lung Tissue Classification for Radiomics (Show >>)
Automating Endoscope Motion in Robotic Surgery: A Usability Study on da Vinci-Assisted Ex Vivo Neobladder Reconstruction (Show >>)
Autonomy in Surgical Robotics (Show >>)
Deep Neural Network Approach in EMG-Based Force Estimation for Human-Robot Interaction (Show >>)
Glioma biopsies Classification Using Raman Spectroscopy and Machine Learning Models on Fresh Tissue Samples (Show >>)
Incorporating model predictive control with fuzzy approximation for robot manipulation under remote center of motion constraint (Show >>)
Infusion Mechanisms in Brain White Matter and Their Dependence on Microstructure: An Experimental Study of Hydraulic Permeability (Show >>)
Inverse Reinforcement Learning Intra-operative Path Planning for Steerable Needle (Show >>)
Multi-sensory guidance and feedback for simulation-based training in robot assisted surgery: A preliminary comparison of visual, haptic, and visuo-haptic (Show >>)
Novel Adaptive Sensor Fusion Methodology for Hand Pose Estimation with Multi-Leap Motion (Show >>)
On the microstructural origin of brain white matter hydraulic permeability (Show >>)
Path planning for endovascular catheterization under curvature constraints via two-phase searching approach (Show >>)
Position-based dynamics simulator of brain deformations for path planning and intra-operative control in keyhole neurosurgery (Show >>)
Psychomotor skills development for Veress needle placement using a virtual reality and haptics-based simulator (Show >>)
Raman Spectroscopy and Machine Learning for IDH Genotyping of Unprocessed Glioma Biopsies (Show >>)
Skill-Oriented and Performance-Driven Adaptive Curricula for Training in Robot-Assisted Surgery Using Simulators: A Feasibility Study (Show >>)
Surgical planning assistance in keyhole and percutaneous surgery: A systematic review (Show >>)
Toward Teaching by Demonstration for Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery (Show >>)
Using spatial-temporal ensembles of convolutional neural networks for lumen segmentation in ureteroscopy (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2020 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Abstract in Atti di convegno
3D Neurosurgical Simulator for Training Robotic Steerable Catheter Agents Using Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning (Show >>)
A Heuristic-Sliding-Window-based RRT Path Planning for Endovascular Catheterization (Show >>)
A Virtual Fetal Environment for TTTS Applications (Show >>)
Continuous-curvature path planning for endovascular catheterization (Show >>)
In vivo MRI measurement of microstructural constraints for direct drug delivery within the brain (Show >>)
Inductive and Deductive Reasoning for Robotic Steerable Needle in Neurosurgery (Show >>)
Modularization of medical robotic manipulator for adapting soft robotic arms with varying numbers of DOFs (Show >>)
Segmentation of Lumen in Ureteroscopy Images using Deep Learning (Show >>)
Contributions on scientific books
Enhanced Vision to Improve Safety in Robotic Surgery (Show >>)
Conference proceedings
A Real-time Tool for Human Ergonomics Assessment based on Joint Compressive Forces (Show >>)
A Shared-Autonomy Approach to Goal Detection and Navigation Control of Mobile Collaborative Robots (Show >>)
A framework for real-time and personalisable human ergonomics monitoring (Show >>)
A probabilistic shared-control framework for mobile robots (Show >>)
Depth Vision Guided Human Activity Recognition in Surgical Procedure using Wearable Multisensor (Show >>)
GA3C Reinforcement Learning for Surgical Steerable Catheter Path Planning (Show >>)
Hybrid Machine Learning-Neuromusculoskeletal Modeling for Control of Lower Limb Prosthetics (Show >>)
Machine Learning Driven Human Skill Transferring for Control of Anthropomorphic Manipulators (Show >>)
Optimal Pose Estimation Method for a Multi-Segment, Programmable Bevel-Tip Steerable Needle (Show >>)
Surgeon Training with Haptic Devices for Computer and Robot Assisted Surgery: An Experimental Study (Show >>)
Toward a Neural-Symbolic Framework for Automated Workflow Analysis in Surgery (Show >>)
Understanding Automatic Diagnosis and Classification Processes with Data Visualization (Show >>)
Journal Articles
A Review on Advances in Intra-operative Imaging for Surgery and Therapy: Imagining the Operating Room of the Future (Show >>)
A novel muscle-computer interface for hand gesture recognition using depth vision (Show >>)
An Experimental Comparison towards Autonomous Camera Navigation to Optimize Training in Robot Assisted Surgery (Show >>)
An Online Method to Detect and Locate an External Load on the Human Body with Applications in Ergonomics Assessment (Show >>)
Artificial intelligence for brain diseases: A systematic review (Show >>)
Asymmetric bimanual control of dual-arm serial manipulator for robot-assisted minimally invasive surgeries (Show >>)
Data augmentation of 3D brain environment using Deep Convolutional Refined Auto-Encoding Alpha GAN (Show >>)
Data reduction and data visualization for automatic diagnosis using gene expression and clinical data (Show >>)
Deep Neural Network Approach in Robot Tool Dynamics Identification for Bilateral Teleoperation (Show >>)
Depth vision guided hand gesture recognition using electromyographic signals (Show >>)
Exoskeleton kinematic design robustness: An assessment method to account for human variability (Show >>)
Experimental validation of manipulability optimization control of a 7-DoF serial manipulator for robot-assisted surgery (Show >>)
Improved recurrent neural network-based manipulator control with remote center of motion constraints: Experimental results (Show >>)
Integrating Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Neurite Orientation Dispersion and Density Imaging to Improve the Predictive Capabilities of CED Models (Show >>)
Inter-foetus Membrane Segmentation for TTTS Using Adversarial Networks (Show >>)
Knowledge-based automated planning system for StereoElectroEncephaloGraphy: A center-based scenario (Show >>)
Model-Based Robust Pose Estimation for a Multi-Segment, Programmable Bevel-Tip Steerable Needle (Show >>)
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Mobile Medical Robot using Neural Optimization (Show >>)
Towards realistic laparoscopic image generation using image-domain translation (Show >>)
Transfer learning for informative-frame selection in laryngoscopic videos through learned features (Show >>)
What Does a Brain Feel Like? (Show >>)
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