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Le informazioni sulla didattica, sulla ricerca e sui compiti istituzionali riportate in questa pagina sono certificate dall'Ateneo; ulteriori informazioni, redatte a cura del docente, sono disponibili sulla pagina web personale e nel curriculum vitae indicati nella scheda.
Informazioni sul docente
DocenteLangfelder Giacomo
QualificaProfessore associato a tempo pieno
Dipartimento d'afferenzaDipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria
Settore Scientifico DisciplinareING-INF/01 - Elettronica
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Fonte dati: RE.PUBLIC@POLIMI - Research Publications at Politecnico di Milano

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2024 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Contributo in Atti di convegno
0.018 °/√hr, SUB-0.2 °/hr MEMS Pitch/Roll Piezoresistive Gyroscope with Decoupled Tilt of the Mass and of the Gauges Lever (Mostra >>)
In-Plane and Out-of-Plane FM Accelerometers with 130 DB Dynamic Range Through Nems-Based Oscillators (Mostra >>)
Smart odour sensing for automated monitoring of bread products (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
Epitaxial Polysilicon MEMS Temperature Sensor with 0.043 °C Resolution at 4-Hz Data Rate (Mostra >>)
Two-axis multiple masses resonator with frequency and Q-factor matching (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2023 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Gyroscope with enhanced sensitivity (Mostra >>)
Contributo in Atti di convegno
A New High-Sensitivity Differential X-Axis FM Accelerometer (Mostra >>)
Bandwidth vs ZRO Stability Trade-Off in Lissajous Frequency Modulated MEMS Gyroscopes (Mostra >>)
Can LSE Reduce Noise in Sensing Applications? (Mostra >>)
ON-MEMS-CHIP Compact Temperature Sensor for Large-Volume, Low-Cost Sensor Calibration (Mostra >>)
Rate Integrating Gyroscope Tuned by Focus Ion Beam Trimming and Independent CW/CCW Modes Control (Mostra >>)
Searching for the Origin of Zero-Rate Offset and Scale-Factor Drift in Nems-Based Nav-Grade Gyroscope (Mostra >>)
Temperature Sensing for MEMS Sensors: A Review, and Chances for the Frequency-Control Community (Mostra >>)
Virtually Rotated Multiple Mass Resonator Enabled by Electrostatic Frequency and Q-factor Tuning (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
0.02 °/h, 0.004°/√h, 6.3-mA NEMS Gyroscope With Integrated Circuit (Mostra >>)
A 9-mA Integrated Circuit With Programmable Phase-Demodulation Delays for 250-nm-Gauge-Based MEMS Gyroscope With 0.015°/√h Angle Random Walk (Mostra >>)
A Defect-Based MEMS Phononic Crystal Slab Waveguide in Electronic Circuits (Mostra >>)
Challenges in Implementing Pitch/Roll Rate Integrating Gyroscopes: A Case Study on a New Dynamically Balanced Dual-Mass Resonator (Mostra >>)
Combining Lissajous Frequency Modulation With 250 nm Piezoresistive Sensing in MEMS Gyroscope: Theoretical Advantages and Practical Challenges (Mostra >>)
Low-Motion Amplitude Operation of Lissajous Frequency Modulated MEMS Gyroscopes for Spurious Harmonics Reduction (Mostra >>)
On the use of Kalman filters for high-order mode rejection in PZT-based microscanners (Mostra >>)
Split is Not Dead: A Case Study on the Performance Gap Between MEMS Automotive-Grade Gyroscopes and High-End Applications (Mostra >>)
Sub-10 μHz/ √ Hz measurement instrumentation for 140-dB DR frequency-modulated MEMS sensors (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2022 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Dual-mode control circuit for MEMS gyroscopes (Mostra >>)
Energy Recovery Driver for PZT Actuators (Mostra >>)
Inertial navigation sensor with reduced footprint (Mostra >>)
Inertial sensor architecture with balanced sense mode and improved immunity to quadrature effects (Mostra >>)
Contributo in Atti di convegno
A Defect-Based MEMS Phononic Crystal Slab Waveguide (Mostra >>)
Active Shock/Vibes Rejection in FM MEMS Accelerometers (Mostra >>)
Bread baking monitoring by smart sensory system: A feasibility study (Mostra >>)
Efficient Phase and Quadrature Control of a PZT Resonant MEMS Microscanner with Piezoresistive Position Sensor (Mostra >>)
Full-digital output ASIC for Lissajous Frequency Modulated MEMS Gyroscopes (Mostra >>)
Fully-Integrated System-In-Package device for drive, sense, and control of MEMS μmirrors for Raster Scan Projection (Mostra >>)
Nanoresonator-based accelerometer with large bandwidth and improved bias stability (Mostra >>)
State-Space Modeling of a Novel 2-output, single-L Driver for PZT Actuators with Charge Recovery (Mostra >>)
Thermal Characterization of Scale-Factor and Zero-Rate Offset in Near-Navigation-Grade Nems-Based Gyroscopes (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
Accuracy of a new electronic nose for prostate cancer diagnosis in urine samples (Mostra >>)
Chipping Energy Threshold in MEMS Sensors (Mostra >>)
Continuous Mode-Reversal FM Accelerometer With 60-g FSR, 10- $\mu$ g/K Drift, and VRE Rejection (Mostra >>)
Hybrid additive manufacturing of a piezopolymer-based inertial sensor (Mostra >>)
Nested Closed-loop Control of Quasi-Static MEMS Scanners with Large Dynamic Range (Mostra >>)
Piezoresistive Versus Piezoelectric Position Sensing in MEMS Micromirrors: A Noise and Temperature Drift Comparison (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2021 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Contributo in Atti di convegno
600 udps/rt-Hz, 1.2 mm2 MEMS PITCH GYROSCOPE (Mostra >>)
A novel closed-loop architecture for accurate micromirror trajectory control in linear scanning MEMS-based projectors (Mostra >>)
Closed-Loop Control of Quasi-Static Scanning PZT Micromirrors with Embedded Piezoresistive Sensing and Spurious Mode Rejection (Mostra >>)
Detecting Heart Rate from Virtual Reality Headset-Embedded Inertial Sensors: A Kinetic Energy Approach (Mostra >>)
Finding the critical impact energy for micro debris generation in MEMS inertial sensors (Mostra >>)
Frequency and Quality Factor Matched 2-Axis Dual Mass Resonator (Mostra >>)
Inkjet TiO2-Based Sensors for Environmental Monitoring (Mostra >>)
Miniaturized quadruple mass gyroscopes: challenges and implementation (Mostra >>)
Mitigating Hysteresis Effects in Open-Loop-Driven PZT MEMS Micromirrors with Piezoresistive Sensing (Mostra >>)
Modeling and experimental verification of the impact of noise sources on projection accuracy of MEMS linear micromirrors for raster scanning applications (Mostra >>)
On amplitude-gain-control optimization for Lissajous frequency modulated MEMS gyroscopes (Mostra >>)
Resonant Accelerometers Based on Nanomechanical Piezoresistive Transduction (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
1.3 mm2Nav-Grade NEMS-Based Gyroscope (Mostra >>)
A 3D Printed Ti6Al4V Alloy Uniaxial Capacitive Accelerometer (Mostra >>)
A MEMS Real-Time Clock with Single-Temperature Calibration and Deterministic Jitter Cancellation (Mostra >>)
Direct Phase Measurement and Compensation to Enhance MEMS Gyroscopes ZRO Stability (Mostra >>)
Long-Term Characterization of a New Wide-Angle Micromirror With PZT Actuation and PZR Sensing (Mostra >>)
Silicon MEMS inertial sensors evolution over a quarter century (Mostra >>)

Elenco delle pubblicazioni e dei prodotti della ricerca per l'anno 2020 (Mostra tutto | Nascondi tutto)
Tipologia Titolo Pubblicazione/Prodotto
Contributo in Atti di convegno
50-kHz MEMS gyroscopes based on NEMS sensing with 1.3 mdps/√Hz ARW and 0.5°/h stability (Mostra >>)
Chipping and wearing in MEMS inertial sensors: Effects on stability and predictive analysis through test structures (Mostra >>)
Investigation of Gyroscopes Mechanical and Electronic Phase Drift with 2 μrad/√Hz Resolution and 12 μrad/K Accuracy (Mostra >>)
MEMS real-time clocks based on epitaxial polysilicon: System-level requirements and experimental characterization (Mostra >>)
Modeling and First Characterization of Broad-Spectrum Vibration Rejection of Frequency Modulated Gyroscopes (Mostra >>)
Thermal Stability of DETF MEMS Resonators: Numerical Modelling and Experimental Validation (Mostra >>)
Articoli su riviste
An Outlook on Potentialities and Limits in Using Epitaxial Polysilicon for MEMS Real-Time Clocks (Mostra >>)
The first three-dimensional printed and wet-metallized coriolis mass flowmeter (Mostra >>)
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