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Information on didactic, research and institutional assignments on this page are certified by the University; more information, prepared by the professor, are available on the personal web page and in the curriculum vitae indicated on this webpage.
Information on professor
ProfessorLevi Marinella Rita Maria
QualificationFull professor full time
Belonging DepartmentDipartimento di Chimica, Materiali e Ingegneria Chimica "Giulio Natta"
Scientific-Disciplinary SectorING-IND/22 - Materials Science And Technology
Curriculum VitaeDownload CV (4.64Mb - 14/10/2019)

Professor's office hoursProfessor's office hours is not available yet
Professor's personal website--

Data source: RE.PUBLIC@POLIMI - Research Publications at Politecnico di Milano

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2024 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Journal Articles
Characterization of PLA feedstock after multiple recycling processes for large-format material extrusion additive manufacturing (Show >>)
Fracture Behavior of Three-Dimensional-Printable Cementitious Mortars in Very Early Ages and Hardened States (Show >>)
PLA Feedstock Filled with Spent Coffee Grounds for New Product Applications with Large-Format Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing (Show >>)
Thermally Conductive and Electrically Insulating Polymer-Based Composites Heat Sinks Fabricated by Fusion Deposition Modeling (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2023 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Fostering circular materials within the design practice: materials and product library system (Show >>)
Conference proceedings
A Study of Early Age Shear Properties of 3D Printable Cementitious Mixes with Fiber Reinforcements (Show >>)
Design for and with visual impairments through 3D printing: a case study from the covid-19 pandemic (Show >>)
Materials Libraries: designing the experiential knowledge transfer through prototyping (Show >>)
Speculative tinkering on circular design materials through 3D printing (Show >>)
Sustainable Development Goals Enabled by Additive Manufacturing: A Design Perspective (Show >>)
Journal Articles
Aerosol Jet Printing of a Benzocyclobutene-Based Ink as Adhesive Material for Wafer Bonding Application (Show >>)
Biomass waste materials through extrusion-based additive manufacturing: A systematic literature review (Show >>)
Recycled polycarbonate and polycarbonate/acrylonitrile butadiene styrene feedstocks for circular economy product applications with fused granular fabrication-based additive manufacturing (Show >>)
Recycling Glass and Carbon Fibers for Reusable Components in the Automotive Sector through Additive Manufacturing (Show >>)
Self-activating metal-polymer composites for the straightforward selective metallization of 3D printed parts by stereolithography (Show >>)
Unveiling the Hidden Properties of Tomato Peels: Cutin Ester Derivatives as Bio-Based Plasticizers for Polylactic Acid (Show >>)
Versatile and non-cytotoxic GelMA-xanthan gum biomaterial ink for extrusion-based 3D bioprinting (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2022 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Contributions on scientific books
Additive Manufacturing of Recycled Composites (Show >>)
Composite Finishing for Reuse (Show >>)
Material Library System for Circular Economy: Tangible-Intangible Interaction for Recycled Composite Materials (Show >>)
Conference proceedings
A comparative study of hardened-state mechanical properties of 3D printed and conventionally cast Fibre Reinforced Concrete (Show >>)
Early Age Shear and Tensile Fracture Properties of 3D Printable Cementitious Mortar to Assess Printability Window (Show >>)
Improving User Experience of Assistive Technology Through Codesign and 3D Printing: A Case Study from Cancer Treatments (Show >>)
Journal Articles
Additive Manufacturing of Electrically Conductive Nanocomposites Filled with Carbon Nanotubes (Show >>)
Hybrid additive manufacturing of a piezopolymer-based inertial sensor (Show >>)
Metallization of Recycled Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymers Processed by UV-Assisted 3D Printing (Show >>)
Patient-specific palatal obturator prosthesis from DICOM files through low-cost 3D printing: A case study (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2021 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Conference proceedings
Indirect 3D Printing of recycled glass fibres from end-of-life products: towards a design engineering approach to circular design (Show >>)
Journal Articles
3D integration of pH-cleavable drug-hydrogel conjugates on magnetically driven smart microtransporters (Show >>)
Carbon additive effect on the electrochemical performances of inkjet printed thin-film Li4Ti5O12 electrodes (Show >>)
Design, Materials, and Extrusion-Based Additive Manufacturing in Circular Economy Contexts: From Waste to New Products (Show >>)
Direct Ink Writing of Recycled Composites with Complex Shapes: Process Parameters and Ink Optimization (Show >>)
Effect of different physical cross-linkers on drug release from hydrogel layers coated on magnetically steerable 3D printed microdevices (Show >>)
Improving cell seeding efficiency through modification of fiber geometry in 3D printed scaffolds (Show >>)
Inkjet Printing of a Benzocyclobutene-Based Polymer as a Low-k Material for Electronic Applications (Show >>)
Layer-by layer fabrication of hydrogels microsystems for controlled drug delivery from untethered microrobots (Show >>)
Metallization of Thermoplastic Polymers and Composites 3D Printed by Fused Filament Fabrication (Show >>)
UV-Assisted 3D Printing of Polymer Composites from Thermally and Mechanically Recycled Carbon Fibers (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2020 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Conference proceedings
Parametric Design for Online User Customization of 3D Printed Assistive Technology for Rheumatic Diseases (Show >>)
Journal Articles
Additive re-manufacturing of mechanically recycled end-of-life glass fiber-reinforced polymers for value-added circular design (Show >>)
Nanostructured polypyrrole layers implementation on magnetically navigable 3D printed microdevices for targeted gastrointestinal drug delivery (Show >>)
Near-visible stereolithography of a low shrinkage cationic/free-radical photopolymer blend and its nanocomposite (Show >>)
The first three-dimensional printed and wet-metallized coriolis mass flowmeter (Show >>)
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