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Information on didactic, research and institutional assignments on this page are certified by the University; more information, prepared by the professor, are available on the personal web page and in the curriculum vitae indicated on this webpage.
Information on professor
ProfessorMalpei Francesca
QualificationFull professor full time
Belonging DepartmentDipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale
Scientific-Disciplinary SectorICAR/03 - Sanitary And Environmental Engineering
Curriculum Vitae--

Professor's office hours
DICA - sez. AmbientaleEdificio 21 VI p--ThursdayFrom 09:00
To 10:00
02239964340223996499Request an appointment by sending an email 2 days before
DICA - sez. AmbientaleEdificio 21 VI p--WednesdayFrom 12:00
To 13:00
02239964340223996499Request an appointment by sending an email 2 days before.
Professor's personal website--

Data source: RE.PUBLIC@POLIMI - Research Publications at Politecnico di Milano

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2023
No product yet registered in the year 2023

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2022 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Conference proceedings
Evaluation of the anaerobic degradability of food waste collection bags made of paper and bioplastic (Show >>)
Modelling and Parameter Identification of Ex-Situ Biological Biogas Upgrading (Show >>)
Where and how acting to reduce the environmental risk due to PFAS from textile wastewater (Show >>)
Journal Articles
Biochemical characterization and anaerobic degradability of flower wastes: Preliminary assessment and statistical interpretation towards energy recovery (Show >>)
Early prediction of BMP tests: A step response method for estimating first-order model parameters (Show >>)
Editorial: Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment - Impacting the environment with innovation in wastewater treatment (Show >>)
Evaluation of the anaerobic degradation of food waste collection bags made of paper or bioplastic (Show >>)
Integrated Exposure and Algal Ecotoxicological Assessments of Effluents from Secondary and Advanced-Tertiary Wastewater-Treatment Plants (Show >>)
Integration of sludge ozonation with anaerobic digestion: From batch testing to scenario analysis with energy, economic and environmental assessment (Show >>)
Modelling and prediction of the effect of operational parameters on the fate of contaminants of emerging concern in WWTPs (Show >>)
Processes, applications and legislative framework for carbonized anaerobic digestate: opportunities and bottlenecks. A critical review (Show >>)
Reuse of Water in Laundry Applications with Micro- and Ultrafiltration Ceramic Membrane (Show >>)
Selective microbial resolution of lupanine racemate: bioprocess development and the impact of carbon catabolite repression on industrial wastewater valorisation (Show >>)
The rapid spread of SARS-COV-2 Omicron variant in Italy reflected early through wastewater surveillance (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2021 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Method for the early estimation of anaerobic degradability of organic substrates (Show >>)
Conference proceedings
Emerging micropollutants and microplastics in water cycle: a focus on the state of knowledge in Lombardy (Show >>)
Ozone tertiary treatment for pharmaceuticals and personal care products removal from municipal wastewater (Show >>)
Ozone treatment of poorly degradable sludge to enhance anaerobic digestion (Show >>)
Journal Articles
Assessment of a simple and replicable procedure for selective phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge ashes by wet chemical extraction and precipitation (Show >>)
Effect of Paper vs. Bioplastic Bags on Food Waste Collection and Processing (Show >>)
Extracellular biopolymers recovered as raw biomaterials from waste granular sludge and potential applications: A critical review (Show >>)
Inquinanti emergent e microplastiche in Lombardia (Show >>)
Optimizing ADM1 calibration and input characterization for effective co-digestion modelling (Show >>)
Performance analysis and microbial community evolution of in-situ biological biogas upgrading with increasing H2/CO2 ratio (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2020 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Metodo per la stima anticipata della degradabilità anaerobica di substrati organici (Show >>)
Contributions on scientific books
Chapter 9 - Dairy wastewater treatment using composite membranes (Show >>)
Contaminazione e rimozione di microinquinanti emergenti in acque reflue e in acque destinate al consumo umano (Show >>)
Microplastiche nel comparto acquatico (Show >>)
Journal Articles
SARS-CoV-2 from faeces to wastewater treatment: What do we know? A review (Show >>)
Wastewater-Based Epidemiology: Global Collaborative to Maximize Contributions in the Fight Against COVID-19 (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2019 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Utilizzo di sacchetti in carta per la raccolta dell'umido: una valutazione di filiera (Show >>)
Conference proceedings
Assessing the performances of paper vs. bioplastic bags for food waste delivered to anaerobic digestion (Show >>)
Evaluation of the performances of paper and bioplastic bags in the management of food waste (Show >>)
Modelling and Control of Biogas Plants Fed on Agro-food Residues (Show >>)
Modelling and structure-tailored control of biogas plants fed on agro-food residues (Show >>)
Journal Articles
Development of statistical predictive models for estimating the methane yield of Italian municipal sludges from chemical composition: a preliminary study (Show >>)
Extracellular polymeric substances extraction and recovery from anammox granules: Evaluation of methods and protocol development (Show >>)
Extracellular polymeric substances of biofilms: Suffering from an identity crisis (Show >>)
Extraction, recovery and characterization of structural extracellular polymeric substances from anammox granular sludge (Show >>)
Hydrogels formed by anammox extracellular polymeric substances: structural and mechanical insights (Show >>)
Hydrogenotrophic biogas upgrading integrated into WWTPs: enrichment strategy (Show >>)
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