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Information on didactic, research and institutional assignments on this page are certified by the University; more information, prepared by the professor, are available on the personal web page and in the curriculum vitae indicated on this webpage.
Information on professor
ProfessorManzolini Giampaolo
QualificationFull professor full time
Belonging DepartmentDipartimento di Energia
Scientific-Disciplinary SectorING-IND/09 - Energy Systems And Power Generation
Curriculum VitaeDownload CV (476.66Kb - 12/07/2021)

Professor's office hours
Dipartimento di Energia----MondayFrom 10:15
To 11:30
0223993810--Si prega di comunicare in anticipo (anche tramite e-mail) la propria presenza al ricevimento
Professor's personal websitehttp://www.energia.polimi.it/dipartimento/scheda_persona.php?id=148

Data source: RE.PUBLIC@POLIMI - Research Publications at Politecnico di Milano

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2024 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Journal Articles
A falling particle receiver thermal model for system-level analysis of solar tower plants (Show >>)
Off-design of a CO2-based mixture transcritical cycle for CSP applications: Analysis at part load and variable ambient temperature (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2023 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Conference proceedings
Analysis of the potential of CO2 based mixtures to improve the efficiency of cogenerative waste heat recovery power plants (Show >>)
Predictive Energy Management System for a PV-BESS system bidding on Day-Ahead and Intra-Day electricity markets (Show >>)
Journal Articles
A novel stochastic model for flexible unit commitment of off-grid microgrids (Show >>)
Bifacial and Monofacial PV Systems Performance Assessment Based on IEC 61724-1 Standard (Show >>)
Characterization of the physical properties of the thermoresponsive block-copolymer PAGB2000 and numerical assessment of its potentialities in Forward Osmosis desalination (Show >>)
Large‐Scale Daylight Photoluminescence: Automated Photovoltaic Module Operating Point Detection and Performance Loss Assessment by Quantitative Signal Analysis (Show >>)
Membrane reactors for green hydrogen production from biogas and biomethane: A techno-economic assessment (Show >>)
SEWGS integration in a direct reduction steelmaking process for CO2 mitigation (Show >>)
Solar tower CSP plants with transcritical cycles based on CO2 mixtures: A sensitivity on storage and power block layouts (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2022 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Conference proceedings
Adoption of CO2blended with C6F6as working fluid in CSP plants (Show >>)
Bi-objective Optimization of Sectorial Cleaning Policy for the Solar Fields of Concentrating Solar Tower Plants (Show >>)
Design of an Air-Cooled Condenser for CO2-Based Mixtures: Model Development, Validation and Heat Exchange Gain with Internal Microfins (Show >>)
Ductile, model-based feasibility assessment for non-irrigated agrivoltaic systems (Show >>)
Dynamic Thermal Analysis of an External Cylindrical Receiver in an Object-Oriented Modelling Paradigm (Show >>)
Preliminary Analysis of High-Temperature Corrosion of Metallic Alloys With CO2 and CO2-Based Working Mixtures for Power Plants Applications (Show >>)
SEWGS Integration in a DR-Process (Show >>)
SolarReceiver2D: a Modelica Package for Dynamic Thermal Modelling of Central Receiver Systems (Show >>)
Techno-economic assessment of the INITIATE process (Show >>)
Journal Articles
Adoption of the CO2+SO2 mixture as working fluid for transcritical cycles: A thermodynamic assessment with optimized equation of state (Show >>)
Butadiene production in membrane reactors: A techno-economic analysis (Show >>)
CSP: la dispacciabilità potrebbe essere la chiave del successo (Show >>)
Dynamic thermal analysis and creep-fatigue lifetime assessment of solar tower external receivers (Show >>)
Experimental characterisation of CO2 + C6F6 mixture: thermal stability and vapour liquid equilibrium test for its application in transcritical power cycle (Show >>)
From investment optimization to fair benefit distribution in renewable energy community modelling (Show >>)
Levelized cost of water assessment for small-scale desalination plant based on forward osmosis process (Show >>)
Model-predictive control for dispatch planning of concentrating solar power plants under real-time spot electricity prices (Show >>)
Novel Methodology to Assess Advanced Biofuel Production at Regional Level: Case Study for Cereal Straw Supply Chains (Show >>)
Outdoor Performance of Organic Photovoltaics: Comparative Analysis (Show >>)
Preliminary investigation of the influence of equations of state on the performance of CO2 + C6F6 as innovative working fluid in transcritical cycles (Show >>)
Review of photovoltaic module degradation, field inspection techniques and techno-economic assessment (Show >>)
Supply chain optimization and GHG emissions in biofuel production from forestry residues in Sweden (Show >>)
Techno-economic assessment of blast furnace gas pre-combustion decarbonisation integrated with the power generation (Show >>)
Techno-economic assessment of the FReSMe technology for CO2 emissions mitigation and methanol production from steel plants (Show >>)
Thermal efficiency gains enabled by using CO2 mixtures in supercritical power cycles (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2021 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Conference proceedings
Energetic and economic analysis of a solar assisted heat pump for pasteurization process (Show >>)
Investigation of CO2 mixtures to overcome the limits of sCO2 cycles (Show >>)
Renewable Energy Communities: Business Models of Multi-family Housing Buildings (Show >>)
Journal Articles
A detailed MILP formulation for the optimal design of advanced biofuel supply chains (Show >>)
A two-step procedure for the selection of innovative high temperature heat transfer fluids in solar tower power plants (Show >>)
An innovative tunable rule-based strategy for the predictive management of hybrid microgrids (Show >>)
Costs of utility-scale photovoltaic systems integration in the future Italian energy scenarios (Show >>)
Development and experimental validation of hierarchical energy management system based on stochastic model predictive control for Off-grid Microgrids (Show >>)
Evaluation of reflectance measurement techniques for artificially soiled solar reflectors: Experimental campaign and model assessment (Show >>)
Implementation of different pv forecast approaches in a multigood microgrid: Modeling and experimental results (Show >>)
Improving the traditional levelized cost of electricity approach by including the integration costs in the techno-economic evaluation of future photovoltaic plants (Show >>)
MILP and MINLP models for the optimal scheduling of multi-energy systems accounting for delivery temperature of units, topology and non-isothermal mixing (Show >>)
Modelling of an existing neutral temperature district heating network: Detailed and approximate approaches (Show >>)
Monitoring and aggregate modelling of an existing neutral temperature district heating network (Show >>)
Non-thermal plasma-assisted capture and conversion of CO2 (Show >>)
Numerical analysis of different designs of roll-bond absorber on PV/T module and performance assessment (Show >>)
Optimal Allocation Method for a Fair Distribution of the Benefits in an Energy Community (Show >>)
Optimisation method to obtain marginal abatement cost-curve through EnergyPLAN software (Show >>)
Outdoor Assessment and Performance Evaluation of OPV Modules (Show >>)
Potentialities of thermal responsive polymer in forward osmosis (FO) process for water desalination (Show >>)

List of publications and reserach products for the year 2020 (Show all details | Hide all details)
Type Title of the Publicaiton/Product
Contributions on scientific books
A MILP Model for the Operational Planning of Multi-Energy Systems Accounting for variable Delivery/Return Temperatures and Non-Isothermal Mixing in Headers (Show >>)
A Robust Rolling-Horizon Algorithm for the Optimal Operation of Multi-energy Systems with Yearly Constraints and Seasonal Storage (Show >>)
Conference proceedings
European regions suitability for advanced biofuel production. Cases scenarios for residual biomass supply chains (Show >>)
Object-oriented modelling of an external receiver for solar tower application: Dynamic simulation and impact of soiling (Show >>)
SCARABEUS: Supercritical carbon dioxide/alternative fluid blends for efficiency upgrade of solar power plants (Show >>)
Journal Articles
An efficient robust optimization model for the unit commitment and dispatch of multi-energy systems and microgrids (Show >>)
Carbon dioxide mixtures as working fluid for high-temperature heat recovery: A thermodynamic comparison with transcritical organic rankine cycles (Show >>)
Classification and challenges of bottom-up energy system models - A review (Show >>)
Energetic and economic optimization of the yearly performance of three different solar assisted heat pump systems using a mixed integer linear programming algorithm (Show >>)
Experimental and analytical procedure for the characterization of innovative working fluids for power plants applications (Show >>)
Multi-objective investment optimization for energy system models in high temporal and spatial resolution (Show >>)
Multi-objective optimization model EPLANopt for energy transition analysis and comparison with climate-change scenarios (Show >>)
Optimization of cleaning strategies for heliostat fields in solar tower plants (Show >>)
Sectorial reflectance-based cleaning policy of heliostats for Solar Tower power plants (Show >>)
Techno-economic assessment of SEWGS technology when applied to integrated steel-plant for CO2 emission mitigation (Show >>)
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